Maya 2018 update 2, Extract Faces doesnt make a new shell.


Instead of making a new shell from the selected faces, it separates all faces into individual pieces. this wasn’t the behavior in maya 2018

anyone know how to fix it?


It’s been working fine here , windows 7


have you turned off keep faces together…?


@demaggio - i’m on mac. but i doubt it would be platform specific.

@oglu - frankly i don’t know. the only options i see available in the Extract Options is “Separate extracted faces” and “Offset”. with SEF clicked it keeps the extracted faces combined with the original geometry but upon separating the geometry, the extracted faces are still individual pieces.

is there a setting somewhere else that could be affecting this?

EDIT. @oglu. you were right. thank you very much. just realized there is no little pop up window anymore with settings when you do extract or extrude and the setting shows up in the attributes panel. and i also learned this is located in the maya preferences. after so many years i’m still a noob