Maya 2018: Sculpting Causing Geometry Tearing



I’m having a strange issue when I try to sculpt in Maya 2018. The object I’m trying to sculpt is a basic cube that’s been subdivided several times. It was also extruded on the bottom from a beveled vertex to achieve a neck like appendage which was also subdivided several times and then it was all smoothed. When I got down to the nitty gritty and tried to start sculpting using the grab tool pieces of the object started to disappear. When I mean disappear, I mean disappear. I can manipulate the pieces of the object that I can see through the cracks that the grab tool caused. This causes more pieces of my object to disappear though since I’m still using the sculpting tools. My question is why might this be happening? There weren’t any border edges within the object when I checked and all I used to subdivide the object was the Multi-cut tool so that shouldn’t be an issue to begin with. Thanks in advance for any help.

What’s happening: