Maya 2018 - Review: Creativity OFF - Efficiency almost ON!


I have a question that may be off topic here, but… 3ds max 2018 has reached version 2018.4… along one of these updates they introduced bifrost for max - or whatever the liquid simulator inside it is called. Maya 2018 has reached version 2018.1, which is more like 2018.001 if you look at the updates offered. Can anyone make sense of this?


there is an other bugfix release on the way…


you have maya LT for 30€/month and if you are really working i guess/hope you earn much more than 30€ or even 240€ for the full maya. If you are a freelancer and say you work for 6 month after that you can simply cut the rent of maya and you are done.

Concerning C4D the full version I found it just too much expensive for what it does, the only valuable thing is the mograph and the ease of use of the app.
Native particles sucks, if you doing stuff with particles you will have to get Xparticles.
Same for fluid you will have to get TFD.
UV sucks as well for serious uv job many are using a standalone app for that.
Modeling/selecting workflow in cinema is slow


So you are still wasting money to infinity till Autodesk kills it off and you have no way open your work in the native format in the future ? Same as Adobes Creative Cloud. I’m still opening my Cinema 4D projects that I created in 2004 and it doesn’t cost anything to open them. Personally I’ve never had any issue’s with modelling in Cinema 4D, and I don’t have the sculpting tools introduced in later versions, but I’ve got that covered. There’s loads of free addon’s for C4D for modelling, if one isn’t using another 3rd party app like Zbrush…cough… Mudbox ( Autodesk killed that off)

Amazing realistic fluids can be done in less than 20 minutes in Blender, it’s better than the poor imitation plugin’s that cost XXX amount of money.

Apart from Blender, Fusion 9 provides some incredible particle effects that you would typically associate with Adobe After Effects. Besides realistic fire effects out of the box, it’s also possible to do mograph particle effects like this… (Combustion killed off by Autodesk)

As for UV’s, well…that’s never been one of Cinema 4D’s strong points but it is at least functional to get decent results with some planning ahead.

And if one wants to go outside the box for game development, animation, character animation, you also have the Unreal 4 Engine.

Autodesk and their Maya days are numbered, when they have competition like this, which is pro consumer.


well embrace your destiny and become a flourish rich man with this amazing super duper realistic fluids and build your empire with blender and don’t waste your time here on the maya forum.
You probably already lost a contract for the next starwars by wasting your time here .


Is it a human number? What do you reckon the number to be? Could it be… the number of the Autodesk beast?

ED: I know AutoCAD is Autodesks beast, so…


I think fluids are awesome at Maya, but rendering… it takes forever, one thing i love about C4D is that you can see the rendering in real time and lets you create a final clip out of the box, thats awesome because you can see if anything is going wrong and then you can fix it before waisting hours of rendering, in Maya you render real slow and then you need other programs to test the animation and Post, at least in my case i try not to use that many post i want my renders to look perfect right inside Maya and sometimes i only use post for adding sound and render a final video.

I think Autodesk should stop releasing bug focus versions… its like they never do the work rightso they need to do bug focused releases, if they sell a product wich is sooo expensive, at least they should tri it more every time and deliver a bug free software every time, rather than loosing years in bug fixing, like Maya 2018 wich brought nothing new…and still having many bugs


This is only true in some rare cases and depends a lot from the scene. In most cases fluids render really fast, at least with Arnold, but even mentalray gave me fast results, except if you are directly diving into a textured fluid.


Fluids render slower man, i have an scene where suddenly fluids appear, before fluids it takes 12 minutes per frame, when fluids start to appear it takes about 24 minutes per frame, at least in my case, and in the viewport i must lower them or viewport becomes suuuppper slow


Yes viewport becomes slow with hires fluids. That’s the reason why I export them as vdb if possible and use a Arnold volume object to render these. Did you correct the step size in the fluid shapes arnold settings? I found this is the most critical setting concerning volume rendertimes and especially the time before actual rendering begins. If you have to wait quite an unusual long time until rendering begins, you can be sure that your fluid settings are too high.


When is Maya 2019 coming?

Since 2018 was only focused on solving problems… wich was such a wrong aproach because each and every version should come tested and fixed…when are we gonna get Maya 2019 and is it gonna be also focused on fixing problems? or will it have new stuff?


if its like last year the release is around Siggraph…
and 2018 isnt only about bugfixing… they clean the maya code from the last 20 years…


How can you tell?


What you mean - “clean code”?


if you combine all the insides of all the sideprojects they are doing like USD and materialx, lookDevx… decoupling bifrost… bugfixing all they can find… revisiting code…
the logical step is the also clean the code todo so…


Yes, but that’s probably still an assumption. Could be quite an educated one, but they will still be 2 years behind - even if that is the case. I just hope they come up with something by the time of the next launch…


Two years behind what? I’m not following your logic here. How is Maya 2 years behind itself?

I personally skipped 2016-2018, as there were no new features for arch/viz other than the shift to Arnold, which is pointless. Perhaps in 2019 they will introduce something helpful for my work.



“With the release of Maya 2018 update 3 in April, we will be implementing full installs for all subsequent updates.”

I was one of the people begging for patches several years ago and I got it. Silly me for thinking AD would make patches that installed faster then complete uninstall/reinstall. Stupid worthless AD for screwing up the patch process.


That’s a very good news.