Maya 2018 - How to add attributes to the viewport?


I wonder how can i add some attributes to the viewport, that even if i rotate cameras these attributes will stay fit at the viewport at the positions i decide, for example if there is an attribute wich i will be turning on/off a lot during work, i might preffer to add this attribute to the viewport, this way i dont need to select each object go attributes, turn on, fix object, then select obj again, go attributes and turn off/on that attribute again and again,

if i can add those attributes to the viewport even if i have tons of objects i wont have to do this… process, i will just click the attribute on the viewport and turn off/on; C4D has this type of posibilities, you just had to grab an attribute whatever you want and add it to the viewport, then you dont lose time searching for those attributes you want to click fast at Maya like: specular weight value, some blendshape sliders, cast shadows check box, visibility on/off, noise value for a ramp, etc. then as been common used options or attribtes i can click them fast any time.



you could add all kind of attributes to an object… connect those attributes with whatever you want…
and parent this object to the camera…