Maya 2018 - Bug Reports!


Since Autodesk had to dedicate an entire new release (Maya 2018) just for fixing problems, i belive it´s a good idea to create a bug report list including every unsolved bug (ONLY BUGS YOU CAN´T FIX) this way we can help them to identify Maya problems so they can fix them fast and focuse on developing new stuff by finding bugs quickly, unless you want all new releases to focus only on bugs…

Please share your list of problems for Autodesk Maya 2018.

My list of unsolved bugs (it will be continiously udated)

  1. Maya crashes when in “edit mode” for sculping blendshapes i try to move the slider, it seems like Maya cant compute both things, animation and sculpting while in edit mode, it happens every time and i need to turn off “edit” while making a blendshape first, then move slider.
  2. Maya turns off undo automaticaly, suddenly i try to ctrl+z and a red message says i cant undo, then i have to go preferences and activate undo, it happens a lot without warnings, it just turss off undo wenever it wants to.
  3. meshes gone, but everything seems fine on attributes, and outliner, i just save my scene, re-open and voila mesh gone, after many tries i get an error message called: “non-manifold polygonal geometry” it seems this problem is old, never fixed and you cant recuperate any mesh lost.
  4. Bump and displacement completly different in viewport and final render, i need to use render view to have an exact look of the bump, then why show bump in the viewport if it doesn´t represent the real bump…?
  5. Arnold materials become white, this problem started to happen after Maya bought Arnold, while working with the object some materials change to white, then i need to “ogs -reset” on MEL, it never happened to me before Maya 2017 and it keeps happening every time with Maya 2018.
  6. Whenever i start animating it crashes, sending this message: file contains unknown nodes or data.

Ok guys, share your bugs, lets help Autodesk!


have you reported the issue…? whats the bugnumber…?


Yes i have reported some, and some since years ago…LOL

But…there is no solution ever, Autodesk basically does whetever they want unless you represent Disnep…


Great Bloops, but here is not the place to report bugs, no one from Autodesk is here, please report your bugs at the Area forum or straight to Autodesk bug report.
We can only read about them an sympathize


I think that’s not correct. I’m quite sure that Autodesk is listening carefully what’s happening here. But I agree, reporing bugs to AD is really important, if possible with an exact description of what is happening. The very, very best solution is to make scene file which can reproduce the problem.


As others have said, AD may look here but you’ll have a much better chance of a fix if you submit bugs directly.

I found one the other day with Motion Trails and reported it :

BSPR-29621 Motion Trail pre/post frame attributes broken

( if you set the pre/post frame attributes to anything other than zero the trail only shows 1 pre/post frame).

I sent them a screencap showing the difference between Maya 2016 and 2018 and also a simple Maya scene to illustrate the issue.



this comment means you have no idea where you are…completly, as you can see even other users say you are wrong.


The point is that if you’re posting bugs here instead of the Autodesk or AREA sites, you’re basically just whining. Autodesk employees that visit these forums do so out of a desire to personally be involved or help, completely outside of their paid mandates as employees. They are not obligated or paid to come here. If they donate their time here for advice, it’s purely a gift of their time and energy.

Also, you misspelled “completey” completely. Please don’t insult the other users here with your own ignorance; it’s untoward.


I dont think so,

I wrote several years to Autodesk why i was xperimenting some problems and bugs with Maya, I´am still waiting for their answer, i belive making a post with buggs that contain many pro positive users telling their experiences and common issues will enforce Autodesk to take action, i know for sure Autodesk reads forums and they are concern about what people think, but not what 1 user thinks, but what plenty users think, because it may affect their sales, making a bug list its an amazing idea.


report bugs to the autodesk tracker is a good idea… i get feedback from them…
what autodesk did years ago doesnt matter now…

if you have the bug number post here for further discussion…


I agree. Both is useful. I sometimes have a problem, but we all know that the reason for a maya problem can be quite strange. So it can be useful to post a problem in a forum to find out if this is really a known one or if I’m the only one with this problem. The last few times I posted a problem on AREA, I was contacted by a Autodesk employee who created a support case what was really cool and useful.


From time to time some from the Autodesk Maya team will peak over here to see what users are experiencing in the way of potential defects (especially during post-release time).
But as others have mentioned, response time to defects will be much faster if they are reported on the Area website. Autodesk has dedicated monitors who respond to issues related to Maya on the Maya forum there.

Additionally, In the Maya Main Menu you can do: Help > Speak Back > Report a Problem
In here you can fill out a form (please be verbose: include your email address, bulleted step by step reproduction steps, upload a scene file if you can, your OS and hardware, and even upload a video capture) and submit it to us. You will receive a confirmation email with a number (BSPR-#####) Keep this number. You can use it to track the issue and place inquiries to the logged issue on The Area Maya forum.

Also, if you crash, and know the reproduction steps, please do a video or screen capture of the crash while both Maya and the Output Window (or Terminal) are side by side. Often times this will relay back a stack trace of some sort that Autodesk personnel can use to track down a particular problem. Take that video capture or screen shot and append it to the BSPR report you can create from the instructions above.

Also, if you crash and a Crash Error Reporting system (CER) is launched please input your email address. And in the comment section give us a breakdown of what it was that you were doing (repro steps). When you submit the report a browser window will open and should display a Report number (CER Report ##########). Keep that number handy. That way on the Area, you can always post, “hey, I keep crashing repeatedly and its going into CER Report ##########.” This way we can look it up. You can also add the CER report number to the BSPR log from the instructions above (this is part of being verbose).

The more data the better for us. Often times there will be defects logged in our system already that pertain to the problems you are encountering. We will do our best to respond to the issue as we can.

Hope this helps guys!


We need to remember AD doesn’t develop maya, they just market and price it. Developers develop maya

These bugs are mainly just to let other users know because developers won’t see anything that’s not submitted.

In a way I can’t wait for the industry to embrace blender or something open source because then these threads about whining about a company will be obsolete and utterly silly - not that they aren’t already.


and there are no bugs in blender …?
a i see i could fix them myself…


Compared to Maya, a rotting piece of meat laying on the sidewalk on a sunny day is less buggy.
Keep in mind that when Maya developers try (and always fail) to fix a bug, they create many other new bugs. So perhaps it’s better that they fix nothing, add nothing and just change the version number.


Maya crashes when timeline starts to paly during sculp, even is the mesh is not animated.


it’s working fine here
maya 2018 update 2
driver 388.43


(First of all, English is not my native language, so if you don’t understand something you can ask me to explain)

Not completely sure if this is a bug per se, but today I found problems assigning material overrides (render setup) to skinned or deformed (with deformers) objects. It appears to happen in some computers (or some specific updates of Maya 2018, not completely sure)
“# Warning: Failed to make connection for material override materialOverride1. Note that per-face assignments are not supported with material overrides.#”
In my 2 personal computers it works fine. But my University computers it displays that warning. Even when I try to add an aiambientocclusion override to a simple smoothed cube with a lattice in a clean scene it displays this warning.
Does someone has a fix to this? Is it a bug?
I installed Maya in January (preety sure it is the first version of Maya 2018) And my university has Maya 2018.2.


what about updating to .3 to see by yourself if it fixes your problem?

release note of update 3
MAYA-90041 Render Setup material override fails to cover per-face shading if involved shading groups were deleted (regression from legacy render layer material override)