Maya 2018.6 Fluids Renderman Issues


When I import and render a fluid Cloud example from the “Get Example” option under fluids, inside of Maya Software Render it looks amazing, But when I try and render it using Renderman it looks strange. Why is that? In this tutorial of Renderman 20 they are rendering them just fine :man_shrugging:t6:

Also, I get this warning…

"# [rfm] INFO: (MainThread) cmdserver renderAgain: rendering again with port 51713 crop 0.000000 1.000000 0.000000 1.000000
Warning: [rfm] WARNING: (MainThread) : N06013 Minlength dicing may be underdicing ‘volume’ by 1 order of magnitude. # "

I have tried messing around with the MinLength option under the Renderman—>Geometry tab in the Fluid shape changing it from it’s default value, -1.0, to a host of others but nothing changes.

I extremely appreciate any insight you have, I can not find any thing online addressing this issue.


have you updated your Rendermen?


Wow I think that may be it, I have 22.5 but there is now 22.6, will give that a shot.


Ok I have updated my renderman but the issue is still there. I have just decided to do a workaround by comping the software render clouds on to my animation. Thanks For your help


Yeah, I have exactly same issue in 22.6. 22.5 was exactly the same.


Same here if you ever find an answer to this issue please up date me, I will greatly appreciate it!