maya 2018.4 ???



found this in the . maybe autodesk will release it after siggraph.


interesting, i guess they decided to push the new release back for later in the year. if i’m not mistaken they did the same thing last year.


they also came out with an update .5 for maya 2017 even if 2018 was already out.
It’s probably just a stabilizing update.


and here the release notes…


hopefully 2019 is amazing


Maya 2018 was released on Aug. 9 2017.


Here’s more info about Maya 2018.4

It seems it’s basically bug fix and nothing more. Unless people were really looking forward Region Render on Arnold or some new knobs on Time Editor.


arnold render in the maya viewport was already here, people forget that the development of Arnold and Maya are independent.
You have to check Arnold updates from time to time


They know it needs to be. Buying it via subscription is the only way people can get it going forward


What would make 2019 “amazing” release?


something that ups my productivity
by a level close to its competitor’s release improvements
houdini for example moves very quickly


well if you notice Maya feedback there is many things now under review like Boolean and history.
check the list :
so hopefully they handles all these under review if yes its gonna be a big step.
so yeah 2019 maybe will be “amazing” release

  • everyone go there and vote, and if you got ideas post it there.


i swiched to houdini in last 6 months and very happy but the main issue for me wasnt proceduralism, just stability.

I can crash maya on any system in 5 minutes. lol.

Im positive about Mayas future tho.


agree with u mate, i also made the same decision like u and im happy :wink:


I can crash Houdini in seconde :stuck_out_tongue:


not possible :wink:


that’s why i added the screen shot hahah

And as we say, if you don’t crash your 3d app you are not really using it.


haha, true, but let me tell u one fact, if u send an description how u made houdini crash to their bug support, tomorrow ull find a new houdini build 99% fixed…

im not sure the same thing will happen with autodesk, maybe in a year or 2 they will fix the same problem, or even maybe never…


yes i know,
at some point i would love to have Autodesk pushing small fixes as quickly as possible. But it’s not really the same structure.
Small companies like this, if the devs discover a bug they can a push a fixe in a day or two without having to pass dozens of validation steps.

If SideFX goes this big or gets bought by Autodesk haha or the Foundry we’ll probably see much fewer fixes compared to what we have now.


Then I guess our artist doesn’t send their bug.
Also if they fix the bugs that fast, why there are many bugs to fix still?