Maya 2017 - Is there a Render Farm for Arnold 5?


I want to use a render farm online for Maya 2017 - Arnold 5, but i cant find a compatible and inexpensive one,

Zync only allows Arnold 2.0 tops and Rebus doesn´t allow Arnold for Maya at all, only Mental Ray and i belive those are the best and the most inexpensive ones, so i question myself how am i gonna do this rendering online? Also i dont know if i will need bach rendering for using a render farm online wich is an extra cost, it will be the first time im obligated to do it online.

I already mentioned before i cant render with my pc, Arnold for Maya 2017 might cause dammages, it overheats my computer so hard while rendering, almost 95° wich can affect my pc components and my video is going to be a quite long project, it might take a complete week just to render, my pc will be destroyed.

Please help, i need a Render Farm online.


i posted a list here… but im not sure if one of those are ready for A5…


Turn off a couple cores by changing their affinity in TaskMan or Process Lasso. Your computer is only overheating because you’re telling it to. You can even leave them on while working, then turn one or more off before you render. Point is, if your computer is overheating it’s your fault, not Maya’s. You’re the one in control.


I´ve never done that, please explain some steps to turn off cores and change affinity or process lasso, i just dont want to see my pc burn because of Arnold.

I thing the problem with most of the other links is that when you try to see wich versions apply for their render farms, most of them only say: Maya and Arnold, but dont specify wich versions… Arnold has changed so much just during 1 year and for every update that… will be difficult to find a render farm online for the lattest version.



Hi Bloops

Google this “affinity cpu windows”

Should get you going.




Autodesk changed the rules and all render farms that will offer rendering and provide the license for you except for the Google Zync are illegal now.*

If you do not like their prices, customer support or they simply incompatible with your work flow please give us a go, you will have to purchase your own license, but we made the process as smooth as possible and many people are enjoying our pricing with Arnold already. :slight_smile:


Today, I was in contact with Fox Render Farm. They confirmed that they support Arnold for Maya 2017 (version and Arnold for 3ds Max 2018. Pricing is the same as represented on their standard pricing page and there are no special licensing considerations.

I guess that I am a bit confused by the Arnold situation. I understand that the EULA prohibits 3rd party render farm support. But clearly there are 3rd party render farms supporting Arnold for Maya and 3ds Max.


I been told by Autodesk directly that they have troubles enforcing EULA and “it takes time”…


How is that even possible?
I mean these render farms own licenses, right? How is it illegal to render stuff with them? I don’t get it.
If i own a license of Arnold am i also forbidden to render stuff for a customer?
What the …!!!
Somebody please lawyer up and kick Autodesk in the ass.
At least in the EU i can’t imagine that kind of EULA is binding and legal.


Seriously though, can they do that in Eu? What about antitrust or abuse of dominant position?

I’m so glad I don’t use Arnold at all, but how can autodesk be a so detestable company it’s beyond me.


you are free to use blender, houdini, cinema, modo, whatever.

and antitrust? before you attack a company like ad, which is mostly a mom and pop store in the big world, you would see a company like nestle fall first. :wink:


Come on, this is a very semplicistic way of see the problem here.

As much as I’d like to see many “evil corp” fall, we are in a CGI forum, and I’m pretty sure AD is among the biggest fish in the pool of the CGI and DCC world.
Now, I’m not qualified to evaluate the position of AD regarding the law, I’m just expressing my opinion on this conduct, but the European Commission surely could be doing something, if some antitrust practice is involved.


I just heard from Autodesk on which 3rd party render farms are authorized to provide Arnold services. Autodesks response is as follows:

To date, the only 3rd party solutions licensed to provide Arnold rendering services are (in no particular order, check specific availability):
Google cloud platform:
Amazon Thinkbox:
Microsoft Azure:
Conductor IO:


Let take a look this farm: . This guy is new, but it worked for me.


How about the cloud rendering


Bloops, Process Lasso is a third-party program that replaces Windows Task Manager, basically. It’s like a professional version of TaskMan. You can balance CPU loads, change affinities and default priorities (so that, for example, Maya or RealFlow use all cores but the first two or whatever works best for you, or even turn off cores if the CPU gets too hot), and even set it to auto-kill specific threads or viruses if you like. It’s very useful in so many way, especially for mid-range or low-end computers.

Back when Windows 7 emerged, the Mac computers were seeing about 10% render speed gains compared to Windows computers with the same exact CPU. It turns out it was simply Microsoft playing it safe with affinities and Task Manager. With Process Lasso, I closed the gap and proved that Macs/Linux are not actually faster - the CPU is the CPU, and the OS either gets in the way or gets out of the way. Since Win7 I have used Process Lasso to handle all these kinds of tasks.