Maya 2016.5 - Adding a new objetc to an existing pose interpolator, how?


I created a character and made pose interpolator, for my first pose i choose the option “select” and selected the mesh i wanted it to deform. but now i created cloth for this character and after bind and click to edit that pose interpolator to also deform this cloth object a red message doesn´t allow me, message:

“Sculpting not permitted, Create a blend shape deformer and add a tangent space target to use sculpting tools on meshes bound to skin.”

First time i see this message, so i created a new blendshape for that cloth, but i dont know how to do this “tangent space target” thing… to make my cloth to be able to also be deformed by the original interpolator

I think the problem is that this cloth objec was binded after i did my original pose interpolator for that character…and also because while creating my interpolator i choose “select” for the exact mesh to be deformed by as my first choice for my first pose, so now each aditional pose dont ask me wich mesh to deform so i cant create a new pose and select another mesh, what can i do to add another mesh to that pose?

I will apreciate some help, thanks


Solved, now i´l share my solution for furter help on this topic:

I had to create a new pose interpolator, but first i had to rename the original interpolator because when i tried to create a new one it didn´t allow me because it names it after the bone name and it wasn´t allow me to create a new interpolator withut explanations after i discovered this “name” reason, so i had to rename my original interpolator first.

After that i simply created a new interpolator for that bone and choose “select” and selected only the cloth piece, and that was it.

I hope this helps others