Maya 2012


Maya 2012 is available for download for subscription customers.


Yes it is, downloading (and downloading and downloading) here. Given my sloowww internet speeds, it may be the 8th before I manage to get it installed. Over 2GB.

<* Wes *>


Great! Please don’t forget to share your opinions with us guys. I still live in 2009. :beer:


What the…? I’m on subscription but my subscription page shows no links to maya 2012, just the 2011 subscription advantage pack.

EDIT: Looks like the contract manager for the subscription (me) is set to not receive full product downloads, and the setting is read-only so it can’t be changed. Thanks Autodesk!! :banghead:


Downloaded, testet and already deemed to very unstable - random crashes all around.


Up and running!

Only had a chance to test three things so far:

  • Enabling Depth of field in Viewport 2.0 immediately freezes my Mac Pro, completely. Hard reset, 2nd time.

  • Render Settings for Mental Ray: switching from Common tab to Quality tab still takes some seconds.

  • Interface in general feels the same as in 2011 in terms of responsivness.

Will look for more soon.

  1. Selected channels in the channel box still deselect when you do things like select keys in the graph editor. This bug is a byproduct of last year’s interface change. It was previously only annoying to those of us who used scripts like abxSmartKey (to filter certain channels and then set keys on those channels with Set Key). Now everyone can be annoyed by this bug because Autodesk built the script’s functionality into the channel box (options to sync Graph Editor and Timeline display with currently selected channels). Wait, what? That sounds like a great feature, right?

Except if you select a channel and it filters in the timeline+graph editor, then you go the graph editor and try to move keys around, your selected channels will be deselected. Then Maya, because it is working like you told it to, will remove all the curves from your graph editor because you have no channels selected. Literally this new feature appears to be totally useless because of the channel box selection bug. If you still can’t visualize this problem, I created an internal monologue for Maya’s decision-making:


I pay my subscription fee because I value Maya in my workflow, but this is pretty hilarious. And frustrating.

  1. The new motion trails apparently don’t show actual frame-by-frame spacing (unless you have a key on every frame). I know similar tools are known as “arc trackers”, but animators use them for checking arcs and spacing. It would be really helpful if the tool had an option to display each frame’s location along the curve – and a way to identify which marker was the current frame. Definitely something to iterate for next year, I guess, but the foundation is there (love the x-ray feature).

  2. One-click key editing in the graph editor is amazing; this simple feature singlehandedly halved my daily clicks. I would pretty much be sending chocolate to Maya’s dev team if they didn’t screw #1 up so badly.

Update: One-click key editing does not work properly if you select channels in the channel box and return to the graph editor – even if you have the new Left Mouse Button Alters Selections turned on. You still have to keep re-activating the move keys tool every time you switch between the channel box and the graph editor. This is pretty hilarious. The channel box deselects itself when you start using the graph editor, and vice versa. I might cry.

  1. Isolate Curve is nice. It would be super great if it also had the new channel box sync feature (where Set Key only keys the visible curves).


Hmmmm yeah that one is a bit finicky because it’s shifting focus to the selected key rather than the selected UI item. I’ll need to have a look into this one and see just what’s going on under the hood.

Do you mean showing you actual frame ticks for the timeline as well as the keys? Some design ideas were tossed around about drawing frames themselves but I just didn’t feel satisfied with the idea we had of alternating colours.

Hmmm… yeah that doesn’t sound right at all.

Pretty neat idea! I like it :slight_smile:


Hi Shawn,
Do you know if the audio sync bug when playblasting on the Mac is fixed in Maya 2012? On 2011, when you playblast a range of the timeline it offsets the audio track incorrectly. I don’t think it got fixed in any Maya 2011 updates.


Just having a quick look here, my first impression with Viewport 2.0 is that manipulating the controllers on a medium poly skinned character seems much more sluggish with it on compared to the default renderer. Scrolling around the character seems unaffected, but posing the character feels very slow. So I guess I’ll be working in the default viewport for animating and then switching to V2.0 for nice playblasts for the moment…

(Win 7 64, nVidia GTX 580, quad 9550)



It’s my understanding that viewport 2.0 does nothing to accelerate skinning, or rigs, or anything like that. Just polys, lighting and textures are accelerated. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


I could live with that, one other issue I’m having here is that I cannot get the ‘timing beads’ of the editable motion trails to display. No matter what I select and/or switch I can’t get the black dots and 'x’s that the demonstrator gets in the video on this feature on the AD site. Bit of a bummer for me as that’s a pretty handy tool for what I do. Interested to know if it works for others, or maybe a graphics card issue or something like that. All my prefs are default.



DMM shattering/physics plugin is crippled to 1500 tetrahedra objects. The “full” version of the plugin is $599 USD.


Yha that sucks, why do Autodesk bundle trial ware - It’s like shareware CDes from the 90’ies that was included in PC magazines.


This isn’t a bug and probably won’t change anytime soon, as soon as you hit that Quality tab it generates all the mental ray rendering nodes in your scene, and is therefore fast after that.

Untick “Show dag objects only” in the outliner to see them get created.


To fund bug fixes, Autodesk may, in the future, also put banners and advertisement into Maya, right above the shelves area.


To fund bug fixes, Autodesk may, in the future, also put banners and advertisement into Maya, right above the shelves area.

That would be a good idea to have a cheap version for everyone.


Actually in 2012 we implemented a Vertex Animation Cache option in the Viewport 2.0 settings that when enabled will cache animated meshes to the GPU and run almost entirely off the GPU at a much faster frame rate. The caveat is there can’t be nodes downstream of the skinning that cause a dirty call (smooth node for example) which will force a DG eval and push you off the GPU.

There is also a Thread Dependency Graph Evaluation option however I should explain this a bit more so people don’t get confused. The idea here is that we are able to evaluate characters with similar structures (i.e. rigs) in parallel inside of Viewport 2.0 to better enhance multiple character playback. This does not mean Maya’s totally threaded and if people would like more details on this feel free to PM me and we can dive a bit further into the techy details.

arnitello: I don’t know off the top of my head but let me double check and I’ll get back to you on that one.


Hahaha, I had that same feeling when I saw the 1500 tetrahedra objects limitation.
“Maya 2013: Maya now has RenderMan Studio included and Nuke replaces Toxik… You just have to pay”… Back to the workshop guys :wip:

2012 feels very cheap so far, but somehow subscription price stays the same :slight_smile:


No amount of fiddling here can display Timing beads on the Editable Motion trails : (

Do they work for anyone?