Maya 2012 announced


Unofficial, I guess, until later today, but here it is:


Please let this Digital Molecular Matter plug-in be everything I want it to be. It looks to be a relatively modest update, but the improvements are certainly welcome.

I don’t see any mention of mentalray shaders working in Viewport 2.0. Hope I’m wrong, because the other stuff looks great!


Am I crazy or the passes with render nodes is just a render node to get the multi layer shader straight to render view? There are some images connected by another node though.

I´m not too excited with the new stuff. The animation thing and the viewport looks great, but I won´t be naive again and be happy with those before I try them (everything always works great in the demos, and then…well you know).

No bug fixing this time? Or there isn´t a list just yet? I would like a good bunch of them to get fixed.


quite disappointing… if this is all there is in 2012 I’ll stay on 2011…


I have to check my NDA because I don’t think I can’t say much other than it’s a solid release and worth the upgrade IMO. I’ll be writing a review but it probably won’t be for Ars. I have another large publication that’s interested but I can’t say it’s for sure yet.

and there are tons of bug fixes. That’s probably why you’re not excited about the feature set.


no mental ray enhancements? this is a joke?
at least viewport 2.0 is working with mental ray shaders??


You had to expect the Substances and Craft Animation because they were in the Subscription Advantage Pack released last fall. Of the two, I liked the substances and do not even load the plug-in for the Craft stuff. I do hope they integrated the substances better into Viewport 2.0, as well as supporting all of the shaders. The way it is in 2011, many scenes I make don’t show everything except in a Maya Software rendering.

<* Wes *>



i doubt that they will work with mray shaders since the guy is talking about the cgfx shaders and these substance textures.
No word from mray…

I wonder if those procedural textures are usable with mray…that actually would be great. Just remember the bonus tools procedural textures which only work with maya software !!


The humanIK stuff looks cool. I’ve been really wanting them to rework FBIK and make it actually work nicely in Maya…

When will this come out?


yes, viewport 2 works quite well with mental ray mia_material_x_passes shaders. Diffuse, specular (with maps), glossiness (with maps), etc. The only thing I think doesn’t work is additive colour (Advanced self illumination) on those.

Shawn - I just read my NDA from RazPR and it says “Please remember that all of the contents of the press kit and this email are under embargo until March 1, 2011 @ 8:30am EST.” so it looks like I’m allowed to talk about this stuff. Let me know if that’s separate from the beta NDA.


The Mudbox video mentions Ptex support in Maya.

I’m really hoping the color profiles for textures work correctly now (and support gamma correction of color swatches).

I’m also really hoping the channel bug de-selection bug was fixed… yeah, I know, we all have our pet bugs that we’d all like to see fixed, but that stuff means a lot more to me than fluids or DMM (though undoubtedly that excites many others).


I for one am pretty happy with the features demonstrated so far, viewport 2.0 looks amazing - everything I have always dreamed for.


The render target and layer texture workflow is an interesting idea. If I take the time to do some grading and comping in Maya it would be nice if I could port that look to an extrenal compositor, though. So that way the time I spend on it isn’t wasted and I don’t end up having to recreate that look over again with a different toolset in an external compositor if I end up liking it. Perhaps a Maya to Nuke script is in order…hmmmmm… :slight_smile:


WOW, we have a viewport that works with mia_material_x_passes shader! in 2011! now i´m really excited!
no really, this should be some kind of joke

mia_material_x_passes is the only mr shader supported?


I really love alot of the features for fluids, as well as viewport 2.0 and render passes.

As to the intergration of all these plugins…

Maya team: take a lesson from 3dsmax, stop integrating plugins without unifying the GUI or well need our own XBR!!

p.s why such a big previz push this year?


No word on Turtle ???

I would sure love the bugfixes. In a way i expected this release to be more solid than 2011. I hope it’s speedy in workflow like 2010.


There are other mental ray shaders supported (car paint for example) but I haven’t tried them all since I don’t use mr anymore.


2011 was the culmination of 2 releases, why would you expect that?



are there any improvements in linear workflow and the colour management? I know that 2011 was the first step but still kinda complicated so have they improved it to make it more artist friendly?


The improvements I can see here define an interesting direction Autodesk wants to go with maya. It seems that the game industry will have the most benefit of these new tools.
But maybe Im wrong…it just smells like it.