Maya 2011: IBL render, Particles and arrayMapper


Hi dudes,

                                        I’ll try to be short and concise:                     

                                        1) IBL: add the IBL node by the usual way,  activating it in the render settings window, indirect Lighting tab.
                   Ok, that’s fine, unless you try to render something out!! Check the “Emit Light” flag and

                                        ...nothing!! You can only see your IBL image and  nothing else. All the objects in the scene aren’t lit at all.                     

                                        Am I missing something? Is something, or everything changed from Maya 2010?                     

                                        And there is more: The same scene in Maya 2010  renders out in 10 seconds, and in Maya 2011 renders in 2 minutes (one  nurbs sphere and a thousands particles

ridiculous) I just can’t bear it.

                                        What the heck is going on?                     

                                        2) Particles and the arrayMapper: I’ve done a  simple simulation where particles are emitted by a nurbs circle.
                   I added a Volume Curve field to make the particles  spread on the circle. Then I raised the turbulence value to something  low (0.2 more or less), and animated the particles conserve value.
                   Everything worked fine so far.
                   But as soon as I tried to give particles a color by  using the rgpPP color per particles attribute start the troubles:
                   I attach a ramp by means of an arrayMapper (of  course) and when I start the simulation the particles appear in a weird  manner and after few seconds disappear, like some kind of                       “implosion”!!                     

                                        These issues are not present in Maya 2010 of course. So what am I missing here?                     

                                        Thank you all very much in advance                     



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