Maya 2011 bug with OS X spaces


I’ve entered this in to the 2011 bug thread but wanted to know if anyone else has found a workaround. When I use spaces and exposè while running Maya 2011 on my mac pro, the windows from maya (outliner, hypershade etc.) follow me from my Maya space to any other space that I switch to, but are hard to make switch back. Since I’ve gotten used to working with the incredibly useful spaces feature, this is insanely annoying! Another colleague of mine has the same problem. Does anyone know of a way to make it stop other than just not using spaces? The maya windows also dissappear when I activate exposè. I never had these bugs with older versions of Maya.


Spaces works here but I’m on 10.6.4 beta

Exposé hides palettes and “you don’t want to see this non-document in Exposé” stuff as a standard. The problem there is more likely how Qt or Autodesk classifies floating windows since programs can control their Exposé and Spaces handling (notice how my application dock Dragthing stays on all Spaces - that’s a preference and it can do the same for Exposé). File a bug.


Well for one I now have hope that this is magically fixed in 10.6.4 . Thank you!

What happens when you set space to activate via hotcorners? (i.e. putting your cursor in the corner and showing all of the spaces at once, rather than switching to a specific space.) This seems to move the Maya windows to the new space almost every time.


No problem here either. Running on 10.6.3 switching between four spaces with hotkeys set.


Oh that’s frustrating. I wonder what is causing my problem. Thank you for your feedback!


I can add that I have the same problem, and it’s only triggered by using Spaces via a hot corner, a keystroke, or a mouse click to zoom out to the full Spaces view where you can see all of your spaces at the same time. If you use any of the hot keys to switch directly to a space (which by default are control + a number or control + an arrow key) then the problem doesn’t occur.

Can any of you who aren’t encountering this problem try using Spaces in the way I mentioned? I’m curious to know if you can trigger this bug.

Also, I’ve observed other applications in Mac OS X have this same bug, so I think it’s actually system wide and not unique to Maya. However, Maya is by far the worst offender, since every single one of its windows save for the main window switches to the wrong space as I work. It’s incredibly annoying. I really hope Apple fixes this bug in Mac OS X 10.6.4, because I we probably won’t see a fix from Autodesk.


it could be a Qt application thing. They seem to have their own distinct problems on OS X with regards to window layering.


OS X 10.6.5
Autodesk® Maya® 2011 x64 2010 09 10 03 44

Whenever I switch using spaces, Maya’s floating windows come along for the ride. Anybody else still experiencing this or work out a solution?


I haven’t found a solution and still experience the problem all day, every day. When I switch back to Maya 2009 there is no problem.


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