Maya 2008


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Absolutely nothing to get excited about.
Do Autodesk even read this forum ?
There were a billion cool ideas in the Maya 9 wishlist.

Also why does Autodesk describe Max as “Modelling, Animation and Rendering Software”
and Maya just as “software”

Damn, if I knew Autodesk was going to end up with Maya, I’d have learnt XSI.
Even thinking of switching back to Lightwave due to the lack of progress with Maya.


Wait the full detailed new features list, please: it seems that Maya Nucleus Unified Simulation Framework and other enhancements are there…


That doesn’t sound like a new n-module or anything, it sounds like it’s referring to the core solver itself which all the n-modules would plug into. There’s nothing in that link that ain’t in 8.5 already. As far as I can see it’s a pretty lack luster release. Bridge tool in 2008?!.. c’mon!.. There’s been a bridge tool in Bonus Tools since… at least v6 if I’m not mistaken. Not the best bridge tool but it’s there. And let’s not forget the Append Polygon tool. I’m thinkin’ more like 8.6, not 9 and definitely not 2008.


Maya 2003? :wink:


That’s one of the reason when Autodesk bought Maya, i started to learn Houdini and man i don’t regret!


Maybe this is a good time for them to release a version that is pretty well bug free. There are so many little nuances I think they could end up getting rid of or adding (a GREAT layer shader, updated and fully working would be very nice). Actual support for OSX. I’m amazed at how unpolished the OSX version of 8.5 feels. That would be all I need to make me happy.


Maya was always intended to be modifiable, think of the hundreds of scripts that users created to add functionality to to Maya, scripts that people always wanted integrated into the software.

Looks like most of the modelling tools have done just that…Autodesk just took existing scripts and integrated them.

I have no problem with that, my only hope is that they did a decent job of it, otherwise I will continue with the scripts.

MR 3.6 !! thats should be exciting

Vista support is great for me! Now I can use my 16gb of ram and all 8 cores. :smiley:


Fingers crossed there might be more. Hope Jos Stam has been busy with the nucleus idea and releases another ‘n’ module with it.


Support for Windows Vista™ operating system has been added, that enables you to take advantage of the performance capabilities of this recent technology.

:slight_smile: Who do they think they are dealing with ? :smiley:


I don´t think they would have put it on the feature list if it was just that…

And you obviously haven´t read the detailed feature list.

It says you can alter a character without having to rebind it.
It has Mental ray 3.6.
It says it´s many times faster on several operations.


Can’t wait for the full Demonstration Page of 2008 with the lovely little Flash Demos :).


Why don’t you just switch back to Poser while you’re at it? :hmm:


Autodesk does not care about Maya users. Period. This is more of them going through the motions rather than being interested in the product. Sucks especially for me, as a mac user, since there really aren’t any decent alternatives to Maya on the mac platform (Cinema 4d is not comparible). If XSI would port over, I’d switch in a second, but that doesn’t look likely either.

Ah well. Autodesk will let Maya obsolete itself eventually.


Yeah, I’m sure Autodesk is just chomping at the bit to throw away all the revenue with Maya. I mean it’s obvious by the new developments in Toxik that allow big time integration with Maya that Autodesk is trying to kill off Maya.

Give me a break.


They’re not chomping at the bit to throw away the revenue that Maya brings in. But at the same time they’re in no rush to do anything useful to improve the software. They’re keeping it status quo…IE, they don’t care about it anymore. It’s reached a point where they don’t have to update it and it still sells. Why innovate when they got it locked up? The pathetic Maya 2008 release is testament to this fact alone.


Autodesk, just like Alias never has and never will care about the issues of individual users. they only care about what the bigger studios tell them, and in most cases the large studios have so much custom scripts and software that they dont ask for anything truly groundbreaking. it seem like all the fixes and features Autodesk has added are simple things that could have and should have been done years ago. (i have alot of respect for Jos Stam, he is amazing, the only inovation in maya ive seen in years)

im still suprized that Autodesk hasnt adjusted the price for maya vs. max, at 6999 maya unlimited compares very poorly to 3500 3Dsmax. and maya doesnt feel like a more complete and feature rich package.

i cant wait to leave maya and move to xsi, it seems like thats where the inovation is (not to mention the fantastic mental ray integration)


Autodesk is going to ruin mudbox here in a bit too. I think They’ll still be able to sell Maya no matter what they do, as long as they don’t make it worse. This new release is pretty pathetic so far (from what I’ve seen). I hope to see some more substantial modeling tools pop up on the features list soon.

Vista support…who gives a ****? That’s exactly what I want to put my $7000 software on… That buggy, no driver-havin’ POS!:shrug:


a co worker is at siggraph and was told that maya and max will merge into a single package in a few years. i think he heard this at the autodesk party, so who knows how true it is. as for them buying mudbox, maybe we’ll see a single package that can do that much more. i guess maya 2008 is going to be released in a couple months as well, so hopefully it won’t be a release like maya 8.0. as much as some things in maya annoy me, i still think its a solid piece of software. maybe if/when things merge we’ll get a much stronger tool.


I don’t believe Maya and Max are ever going to be merged. Those are fire and water different applications, both the code and architecture. I can’t imagine “merging” their code base could produce anything upgrade worthy, not talking about the ‘new killer application’.

A bit more realistic situation is that one package is going to replace the other. Before the last version of the victim they might try to implement most important features of the other package, some scene converters, try to make an easy transition, etc. But I don’t see this making users of the discontinued application being too happy.

All in all the merge option seems very bizarre to me. Both Maya and Max have huge user bases, both cows bring a lot of milk to the farm, why killing one of them? We just have to wait and see, I personally don’t see Maya going from market in less than 4 - 5 years.


yea, i agree with you completely. we have both max and maya users, and the software would be seemingly impossible to ‘merge’. what doesnt make sense is a company owning 2 packages like maya and max. certainly if you kill one, the other users will be furious. i wonder how much of the future of these packages will be influenced by the bottom line versus their user pools.