Maya 2008 & Vray render Mistery


Hi guys, something very odd happened for the first time to me and I can’t find a workaround
or solution so far, It seems like some kind of mesh instance or ghost like thing appears when I try to
use Vray, some how parts of the model appear in different areas, some time they even get animated, block my camera view entirely, cast shadows etc etc.
This is totally new for me since I have done so many projects using the same work flow,
which is: Model in max, export as obj or fbx to maya and finally make the rig and animation in maya and render with vray.
the only difference this time would be that the guy who made the rigs was using Maya 8.5
(he’s a freelancer) so, I’m not sure if that has something to do with the whole issue or not
but any way, this only happens when using Vray, maya mental ray and Maya Software work just fine with the escene.
have any of you out there experience something similar?
or better yet anyone knows a solution for this?
any kind of help would be Appreciated.

Cheers! :beer:

Here’s a picture so you can understand my problem.


check your objects name, no use duplicated names, still that it inside groups.


I’ll give it a try mate, Thanks :thumbsup:


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