May 2016 - Sergey Burdukov


Well then… I must state beforehand, that I’m a terrible painter and have never worked in the digital art field before =D
That being said, I’ll try to do my best. And I would be glad if you guys will help me become better at this.

So, the space elevator. I kinda spoiled my imagination looking at the Milan’s shots, and every other idea for me turned out to be too futuristic, so I decided to stick to his idea a bit and considered the world of “Minority Report”.

Since I wouldn’t in a million years be able to do a good cityscape sketch from a scratch I picked the plate first

and then tried to block out some of the features I had in my head. Which are basically buildings extension, vegetation, prettier clouds, water, commercial screens etc.

UPDATE 29.05.16
To view the original image right-click and “Open image in new tab”



I’d concentrate on the architecture instead of adding moving elements, or something in the water. Make the environment more interesting within your composition and try to think about what you want the viewer to be taking in.


Nice start!
I think it wouldn’t be bad to distinguish an elevator from the crowd a bit more. Of course feel free to ignore me if you see it different ;). Anyway - keep it up!



Thank you for your input, guys! I will definitely come up with something to address those issues)


May I ask how did you manage to load an image so as to be visible?
I thought that I tried every option but… I would be very grateful if you could tell me the secret ;).



Well, just upload it from your harddrive or by URL using this button:

or it’s easier just to use “” by yourself.


I’ve tried that button, but for some reason it didn’t work… as well as other buttons and <img src=“image_URL”> (I’ve found that in the web - I don’t know HTML almost at all).

But “” works perfectly! :slight_smile: Thank you very much!



Yes I also needed that… thank you


Decided to change the base a bit:

  • transformed the sea into another city part
  • added a couple of water channels, that lead towards the elevator
  • decrease the size of the dark building with the commercial
    WIP 1.1

    WIP 1.2


Great start Sergey.
Dont worry this is a first for me to.


Good start so far Sergey, the composition is much better now that you have lowered that dark buillding, and the city extension works also works well.

Regarding the elevator however, I feel as though unless the viewer was told the background structure was an elevator, they may assume it was just a very impressive skyscraper instead of an elevator.

The twisting architecture is cool, keep it, but maybe break it up a bit to sell the elevator look a bit more.

I prefer the original grade you had in WIP 1.1, the colours feel more natural and realistic.

Keep it up Sergey, you’re doing well


Thank you for your feedback, Andrew!

Yeah, I just rushed a bit with the colors in this WIP, but it’s just cosmetics - I will carefully do it in the final version)

I do have an idea to add a couple of “holders” (don’t know the exact term) similar to that support construction of the rocket when it sits before launch. And some futuristic bridges across the channels.


Okay, the next WIP:

  • added rocket holders to the skyscraper to make it look more interesting
  • added a bridge over the channel
  • reworked some of the buildings

WIP 1.3

WIP 1.4


Hey Sergey, welcome to the challenge! One of the most gratifying things on theses challenges is seeing artists improve. Your progress from your thumbs to this WIP has been great!

I like how you’re beginning to break up the cityscape with water streams, I think you can play with the streams form and perspective more to give an increased sense of depth on your DMP. A great example here from Jaime Jasso -

Just my 2 cents, hope it helps! :keenly:


Thanks, Liane!
I will definitely experiment with those and try to add some more of unusual architecture =)


When I look at your progress I have a moments of regret that I abandoned blue sky for more sunset scene ;). I really like where this is going. Details which youv’e added to the skyscraper really makes it look more interesting and I like your new color scheme. As for possibilities of improvements… of course it,s just me, but that almost-black building really drags my attention (as if it would be the most important object), and more distant water seems to be a bit oversturated (in relation to the distance).

Overall - I really enjoy your vision :).



Thank you for your input, Jonatan! I really appreciate you guys helping me out =)
I’ll try to consider everyone’s suggestion on the next WIP.


Tried to cover all your points (from WIP 1.4 to WIP 1.5):

  • added some details to the canals (boats, texture and divisions in the BG)
  • reduced black building to the original height
  • played with the clouds a bit (not sure about their complexity)
  • started to make conjunctions between buildings (to make more unusual architectural solutions)

Original Plate

WIP 1.4

WIP 1.5


Hey Sergey) Nice progress so far =)

I like how u solved the citsycape and flooded it with water, that is pretty darn cool decision) Now the water should be more integrated in the shot, more cast shadows on it and stuff like parked boats should help)

Overall it is going to a great place, a lot more work ahead, but you are getting there, man) Keeep going) Push it)


Thanks, Alik!
Hah… I’d much rather prefer if it was a lot less work ahead, considering the amount of time I’ve spent on it so far%))
Although most of the time was the experimentation. And as the result I flooded the city not only with water but with lots of details that I find hard to keep up with ^^’
Really glad that you guys help me out with tracking those down.