May 2016 Niksa Babic


Hi all,
posting a bit late here.

This is my idea; it’s mostly based on colour scheme and mood of a mesmerizing love story coming to place in Torontokyo gigalopolis.


Adding final full res image:

or follow the link


Your centre of attention is the Tokyo Tower (東京タワー, Tōkyō tawā) in every aspect I can think of. Don’t miss the opportunity to turn it into the space elevator here.



good tip, i’m not a fan of that idea though.

While the idea is 100% legit in terms of image focus, i think that such an iconic structure should remain intact to support TorontTokyo being a part of the story. I’ve instead tried to use it as an attention grabber (after FG and live action come to life, like a person walking towards the bathtub).