May 2016 - Nicolas Caboche


Hi everybody,

Here is a quick concept for this month’s challenge. Perspectives and relighting are not done yet just a quick color grading. I am planning to add more lights on the buildings an also completely relight the one going through the clouds. Still a lot of work to do, maybe I will try a second concept to make a choice. All comments are welcome.

I have been looking to all the other entries there is some really good starting projects going on in there!

Sky beneath feet


Like the mood and the neon


The mood is good but I would make the elevator more obvious in the frame.


I agree ,you need to make it look different from all the other buildings otherwise people will think it is just another very tall building.


Hi Nicholas!

Great to see you here! It’s looking great and quite close already. Only thing it does look more like a skyscraper than a space elevator, would love to see you adding some more stuff to it :slight_smile:



Sorry for the delay I wasn’t receiving the notifications, and had a crazy week at work.

Thank you guys for these feedbacks I completely agree with you. So yes the next step will be to make this tower kind like more “special” and not just a big tower in the city.

Nice to see you here also Liane! How you doing since last year? Good luck for the challenge!



I’ve been doing great and been watching tutorials! Time passes really fast! Good luck to you too and lets do our best!!


Here is a new version of my DMP. I went wider and did a quick sketch of the elevator, I hope I will have the time to model it in 3D. I think by have the image wider the eye is more focused on the elevator.

Back soon with the next step!


Hi everybody,

Here is an updated version of my DMP, hope to have the time to finish it!

Comments are still welcome!




This is my last update I think it will be my final one if I don’t have time to finish it to a better result. I was really happy to participate to this challenge, I hope this will not be the last one, the best price is to have our work seen by others and have the comments of each different person.




The visual integration doesn’t quite work.
Rework those blue lights in terms of intensity, as well as maybe pulling them all the way down to the ground or something. There is still time!


Hi Milan thanks for taking the time to review all our shots, I tried to do my best with your comments but I didn’t had a lot of time after work to do much more. But better than nothing. Maybe i should change the elevator if you have any comments that could help me finishing this shot it would be great.



Final v2


Sorry I’ve forgot to post the Hires image here is the link