May 2016 - Michael Holvoet



this is my first WIP :slight_smile:



A new WIP



Here is my progression for now.

For the right elevator, I still don’t know. Any advice or comments will be welcome :slight_smile:



Cool start dude.


Hi Michael,

Good start so far - you surprised me with the day-for-night change, I like the idea for a night scene, but given the scope of the city, you have given yourself a huge task of relighting it all convincingly, especially considering the harshness of the sunlight and shadows which will be difficult to blend.

If you want to go ahead with it I would suggest using a night shot, or if you do want to make a day-for-night (which is a fun challenge in itself) perhaps a smaller city shot, simply to save yourself such a mammoth effort.

Regarding the elevators, I like your idea, but as the design itself is quite dramatic I would probably keep the sky fairly simple, if not quite clear - the ground is very busy too, so a clearer sky might also help balance the shot as a whole.

Those are my two (or three) cents, good work Mikee, I like it.


Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Andrew,

you are right with the day to night scene, it is done on purpose :slight_smile: I was thinking it would be funnier ! And know what ? It is ! I tried with a smaller city shot, but this one is my favorite plate, so I will try to achieve the result with it
But you right too when you say that relight the scen will be a huge task… Actually, I have some difficulties to enlighten the Streets, with a real sodium lighthning effect… I hope I would find the way to do it.

For the sky, I will try to see the improvement .

For now, this is a new wip



A new WIP, probably the last before the final entry.



Hey Mikee,

I like where you have gone with thr colours on this, it has added a lot of interest to the piece as a whole.

One thing that stands out a bit too much for me is the light on the Eiffel Tower.
My eyes seem to switch from that to the elevator, and back again without resting on one particular spot, I think this is also because it is nearly in the centre of the canvas.

You have done pretty well on the city itself with adding all of the lights, but I would be tempted to pull some of the fog back in the area closest to camera, I think this will add a little more depth.

Good work!

Edit: I forgot to add that your new sky looks great, it really settles into scene well.


Hi Andrew,

You are never short of good advice :slight_smile: The sky for exemple, thanks about that !

For the light in the tower, you are right, it is a bit too much (but I like the flare effect, maybe too :slight_smile: )

I will try something else for that, just enough to keep the mood and not too much to let the eyes go elsewhere !

For the fog, I had planed to try it for the final image, I hope be able to do something believebable.

I also want to add more detail for the elevator, at his base (a construction) and for the tower itself to give more relief.

I’m very happy you enjoy my work, because when I take a look on yours, I realize that I have a long way to create a good image.

So, thanks for your support, it boost me :slight_smile:


Hi All,

Here is my final image.

Thats not exactly what I wish at first, nevertheless the result pleases me still :slight_smile: (And I have no more time to do more…)

I hope you enjoy




Nice, how do I view the final full size image?


Hi, you can right click on the image and save it. The resolution seems to be the correct one


Here, the link for the file :