May 2016 - Liane Li


Hi! I’m sort of new in this challenges and very excited to be part of this.

I find this particular story outline very intriguing and somewhat close to me, in my head it has the civil warring and romantic side of Hunger’s Games and the exploration with futuristic technology of Ender’s Game. The couple reminds me very much of Ender and his sister whom was left behind on Earth to become one of the biggest figures in human history. Aw, what a somewhat sad but empowering story! Definitely a great inspiration for me in this challenge.

Here are some thumbs I’ve did -

BW thumbnails

Instead of setting the scene on Torontokyo, it’s probably going to be Vantokyo. Ha!
Right now I’m leaning towards number 2 but would love to hear what you think!
C&Cs are appreciated!


First of all - welcome to the challenge! Excitement is absolutely understandable :).
Second - nice thumbnails (I must try thumbnailing one day - for unknown reasons I’m always skipping this step).

As for choices… it has absolutely nothing to do with professional, rational analysis but… I would like something between 3rd and 4th. In 4th I like “first” plan. In 3rd… well… I like “the sunny infinity of the field”. Additionaly - that structure in the first plan helps to create impression of the distance and size of the elevator. Anyway… as I wrote - it has nothing to do with any professional analysis - it’s just how I feel it. Keep working and have fun :).



Hi there,
I love your thumbnails.
Number two is great, but I like number 3 because of the lighting.


Hi Jonatan and Sonic!

Thank you very much for your inputs! It got me thinking more about “creating the impression of distance and size” of the space elevator, and beginning to find that thumbnails 1,2 and 4 may not be selling it. I’ve a rough model here with a vast cityscape showing more sky that I’m liking.

My idea is the city is being sectioned up for different standards of living from the poor to the very rich. Also the walls help to illustrate secrecy and hostility amongst citizens as a way of arousing competitions in the benefit of cultivating talents to advance the country ahead others.

C&Cs most welcome!


Hey Liane here you are!

Great job on the thumbnails, I liked the the perspective of thumb 3. In your last post both images are great, what if you do a mix of them? In the first one I like the separation with the sea but we don’t see a lot of your elevator. In the second what I like is to see the full elevator which is looking great but I miss the sea side. Maybe you could keep the first one and push the city back so we see more of the elevator. By pushing everything back I think it would give more space and a more panoramic view of the shot.

Anyway good work so far!

Want to see next step :keenly:


I think that the layout and structure both work. Keep going, this has lots of potential.


I haven’t been able to put as much time as I’d like to for this challenge, but this is what I’ve so far and I’ll continue to work on it for my portfolio. Thank you so much for all your feedback and hosting this challenge!!

Space Elevator in Vancouver