May 2016 - Jonatan Cwiakalski


Greetings to all! I’m really (and I mean REALLY!) happy to participate here again! :slight_smile: I hope it will continue (even if it would be from time to time and with prizes or not).
Here is my start for “The Sky Beneath Our Feet” Challenge:

More will come.

Best regards


Very cool, what is the building in the foreground?


Thank you Felipe :).

The building in the foreground is one of the two elevators. Since in the brief David wrote:
“every power country has a space elevator, after Disnemerika has shown them all how to physically create one. Being the only territory to own two.”
… I thought to myself that it would be nice to show two of them - one to get opportunity to show details (let’s call it details :wink: ) and second - to show how tall it is, and what it actually is.
But… the fact that you asking suggests me that maybe I should move second elevator a bit closer to the camera to make similarity more obvious. Thanks again :).



Yeah its a good idea to show one from a distance and one upclose for detail. But yes, at first I thought it was just a random building.

Good job!


Looking good so far, Jonatan.

I like how you have placed the two elevators from the story into the one scene, It is a great way to show off not only immense height of the elevator, but also the interesting details.

I did initially assume the foreground building was an elevator, but to make it more obvious you could add a very unique design element that could be easily and quickly be recognised in both for foreground and background structures.

Alternatively, you could create a logo or simply write ‘Space Elevator’ on the structure, the same way an airport might display it’s name.


Thank you Andrew! I’ve brought distant elevator a bit closer and up so it is more visible and (I hope) more readable. I’ve also changed light direction - initially just to illuminate inside of the elevator and show some internal structures (very simple now).

So… Here is where I am now:




Looking great.


Thank you Corrie :).

A few more steps forward:




What is your plan for making the 3D look photorealistic? Do you have a specific approach for applying the textures and taking the CG edge off of things?


Hello Milan. Thank you for asking - your question reminds me that switching from 3D to matte painting was always my weakness. So… high time to say it out loud - till end of Monday I will finish modeling and basic texturing on some main objects. After Monday I will focus on make it photoreal by applying photos and textures and “overall 2D work”. That’s THE TIMETABLE and let’s stick to it!

As for my progress - as you can see I made a quite radical changes to lighting and mood of my scene. Well… that will require start over the sky. However I’m thinking about not overloading it with clouds too much to make the scene more peaceful (silence before the storm?). I would like also add some evening (or morning) city lights - mainly in the valley. As for that big round building on the other side of the cliff, my intention is to make arena for hero soldiers mentioned in description of the project. Here is where I am right now:


Thank you again for your comment Milan - definitely pushed my mindset into right direction.



Great progress.


Hey man good to see you again in the challenges)

No regrets with going to the sunset!) Sunsets are awesome) Shiny and stuff) And cast shadows daaamn) And yeah I like the idea of it being not that saturated with clouds all over the sky)

And that arena area sounds ambitious) It would be cool to see how all this will unfold)
Good luck, man)


Thank you Corrie and Alik - I’m glad you like it and… really good to be seen here! :slight_smile: I hope it won’t be the last DMP Challenge.

For now some shadows are a bit too dark and there is no aerial perspective at all at the moment. I’m sure that it can be done in Blender but don’t have time to learn and experiment with that right now (so I will come back to that topic after the Challenge). Right now my main focus is chasing photorealism as much as I can. Here is my new WIP:




looking great, it is coming along nicely, waiting for more. :cool:


Looking cool! I’m sure the blocks are just “stand-ins” for the future buildings, it just needs a little variety and randomness for the city.


Thank you Corrie and Felipe :). I’m working hard to bring more and transform blocks into buildings.



Nice progress dude - keep up the good work


Good to see your WIP and hope you get the photo-realism going for your next step. Keep it up.


This is my final image:


I will write some after words later but now I must run to work ;).



That last night was crazy! :slight_smile: Of course I’d wish to have more time to add/replace/polish so many things… but things like this are always “never ending story”. Which of course doesn’t change a fact, that it was craziness full of happiness :).

Thank you all for kind words - they was big motivation and are reward by itself. Special thanks goes to Milan - you reminded me soon enough what is the purpose of Matte Painting. Well… I still consider photorealism as my… let’s say… field (big field I’d say) for improvement, but I’m sure I would ended up much worse if you wouldn’t push me in the right direction in the right moment.

Thank you Milan, David, Simone and all participants for this Challenge - it was so good to be a part of it! :slight_smile:

Best regards and good luck to all of you!