May 2016 - Andrew Burdyak


Hi everyone, it’s my first challenge here, and i hope not last) so it’s my Wip thumbnails some ideas Space elevator,i hope you like this,I chose number 3 for my final DMP, because i like idea creation some city kind of China slums on foreground and on background i creation some modern building, and also i have my Space Elevator on middle, on the top elevators you see something like energy rings,and on the left side and on the right side you see energy towers for energy for elevators, so i hope you like this idea, and sorry for my english
Thumbnails idea



Welcome to the challenge :slight_smile: (I also hope it will not be the last…). I like your thumbnail sketches. I would choose probably some mix of urban structures and nature but it’s just my personal preference. Good start - keep it up!



Cool thumbnails.


Even though the city type of silhouettes have more interesting details, number 5 and 6 have better composition. Try to combine those elements for a stronger piece.


I added some rocks,and water on foreground like i have in thumbnails 5-6,also i added rocks the upstairs and now it’s look like cave, and i thinks composition looks better then i have,Thanks Milan.
Corrie Engelbrecht,Jonatan Cwiakalski thank you guys, sorry for delay answer i keep it up and try to do my better


Some simple 3d blocks, next steps CG texturing in photoshop add some mood, and Of Course add my Elevator and Modern Building


Ok guys another step, and i go to home stretch)))but i know i have a lot of work on this)


Keep going. Hope you push this through to final. Sleep is the cousin of death.


Sleep is the cousin of death © Says Millan and i do this) so guys it’s my final Matte painting,i hope you like this, thanks all members for your feedback,and thanks Millan and David for great challenge on this month,keep it up guys it’s realy cool
Final Matte Shot


Nice! You really have used these last hours :).



Thank you Jonatan, it’s because a Sleep is the cousin of death ©, I’ll remember these words for a long time)