May 2016 - Aaron McNaughton


Hi guys,

Nice to be back!

Just a few rough thumb sketches, don’t normally do this so I thought I’d scribble around first and see how I could move forward. I’ve decided to go with my 3rd option, as In addition to the silhouette I like the idea of 3 columns, one for the elevator the other 2 perhaps for propulsion… maybe with some smoke (taking reference from a shuttle launch) being released from some openings along the column. Still early, but I have to say I love the idea behind this challenge and can’t wait to start developing the idea further!


Woah, your thumbnails alone look far better than my WIP matte painting =D
Looking forward to see your WIP and final versions!)


Great! I always admired (with a tiny bit of jealousy :wink: ) your ability to quick response with very good concepts. I like the third version also. Maybe I would move elevator a bit to the right to avoid so radical central split but it’s just me ;). Keep it up!



Thank you very much guys :slight_smile: and hey Jonatan! oh yeah your right about that, this concept I’ve done is 50/50 too…its super quick to do them like this but I will definitely avoid it on final MP.

Here is another sketch, just playing around before I move forward. This one is sorta stylised animeish feel, but purely for me to find my way forward on how to approach the design in this challenge. Heavy perspective tells me I might have to go full 3D… that could be fun as I’ve not done that yet for one of these challenges.

Anyone know how to add images to the post, the new uploader doesn’t seem to be working for me?


Reason: You need “img” instead of “url” in the brackets
I’m testing this right now and it seems to work in Firefox but not in Chrome.
Sorry. The internet is broken…


Love the thumbnails, now I’m jealous.


Hey Aaron

Good to see you back in on these, I always enjoy watching your work evolve through these competitions.

I am digging your concept sketches, they really scream classic sci-fi with those distant planets.

I was initially a bit hesitant about the central composition, but it actually seems to lend itself quite well to this particular brief, as it makes a bold statement about an imposing and impressive structure.

In terms of the mood and style, I think you should go all out with the ‘animeish’ look. Your strengths lie in your artistic flair and your ability to use it to sell a particular mood - you should play on that.

I look forward to seeing where this goes…


Really nice concept sketches! It sort of remind me of Akira, which is super cool. An anime/Akira DMP would be super cool!! Looking forward to seeing where this go too!


I hope you not given up this challenge - I really would like to see how you bring this dark, cloudy, industrial vision to a dark happy end :).



Wow, lovely concepts and thumbs! Would also love to see what’s next!!


Woww greaaaaat work love your concepts. The full 3D version could be a good solution for these kind of shot but it might need a lot of time. Hope to see the next step of your project soon.


Hey Aaron, get back here =) You have a great start, but no updates and you not posting all over the forum?) Something is really wrooooong) I hope you will have time to get back to us)