Maxwell Room, Donal Khosrowi (3D)


Title: Maxwell Room
Name: Donal Khosrowi
Country: Germany
Software: (Other), 3ds max

Modelling took me… oh. i don´t remeber how long.
sorry for that. rendering took about 3 hours/ each.
I used MaxwellRender Alpha 1.1.30 as renderer.
Little postwork in Photoshop.
I tried to achieve a flashlight-like look as you often ca see in a cheap photograph…

i guess… thats it.

hope you like it.


Can you post a wire or some clay renders please???



looks like a photo taken with an old 2Mpix Cam!


i still have a wireframe captured yesterday somwhere on my server… if you want a new one just tell me…


strange to say, but those are some of the best quality renderings I’ve ever seen.
Looks like Maxwell can do wonders. I wish they had some sort of trial version.

Great job. Those are crappy photos :wink:


You’ve totally nailed the cheap camera look. Looks real to me.


Absolutely the best photorealistic render I’ve ever seen.
Amazing, 5 stars :eek:


For a moment I thought that it was a cheap ass photo. But its all 3D nice work on that dude…


oh! nice render ! realist :applause:


didn’t believe it at first but they really are renders :slight_smile:


amazing - photorealistic render man!!! 5* 4 ya


am i the only one whos not blind…
these were obviously heavily Photoshoped…
post a straight render…
and 3 hrs… r u kidding.
i have not seen anything revolutionary from maxwell, in fact, i have not seen anything that surpases Vray or MR thus far. and this is not a 5 star render.


scary. great !


WTF??? Holy jeeezus :eek: :eek: :eek:


I doubt they were photoshoped much, to lessen the grain maybe, if anything. And imo maxwell renderer far surpasses vray and mr in terms of photorealism. It may not be the fastest, but it does the best job at reproducing real world lighting.
Great job eldonaldo!:thumbsup:


Well… those are some nice renders! :thumbsup: You’ve really pwned the crappy-photo-look. Real cool! from me! :thumbsup:


Absolutely stunning…

@ Vladimir_ MaxwellRender is a revolution, because of its approach to rendering methods: Real camera attributes, real light physics and material shaders…


yeah yeah its all real but its also so slow it dont find much use for it even if i had the money to spare :slight_smile: hopefully in a year of two theyve got it down to hours rendering an interior scene (with dielectric materials) instead of days.

Anyway great job here!


Yes, nice crappy photos :thumbsup: !


The render is Amazing ! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: