Maxwell Interiors- Day And Night, Benjamin Brosdau (3D)


Title: Maxwell Interiors- Day And Night
Name: Benjamin Brosdau
Country: Germany
Software: (Other), 3ds max, Photoshop

These are my tests done with 3ds max 7 and along with the alpha version of next limit`s maxwell render.
Render times ranges from 3-4 hours for the flashlight style images (thanks to my buddy eldo for his research work here ) and 6-9 hours for the daylight images, rendered on a Dual Xeon 3.2GHz with 2 GB of ram HT enabled. postwork in Phtotshop for final adjustments, noise reduction in Neat image software.
thanks for watching. :slight_smile:


wow!! which one is 3d and which is real???
great work on rendering!!! :thumbsup:


i cant belive that :eek:

do you mean that all of them made in d max ???:eek: :eek:

if they are … you did a very nice work man…:thumbsup:

i think that they will be put on the front of the main page …:bounce:




Awesome work dude…Very nice modeling and lighting too:applause: …!! How do you find Maxwell as a renderer, fast and easy to set parameter controls or Otherwise??? Anyways very nice Architectural VIZ , five star rating from me !!:cool:



LAIR! you didnt make this, these images are shots from a digital camera. they cant be made in a 3d programm because this is too realistic!!

very nice work! im impressed


Greaaaaaaaaaaat render


greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat Render


here are some wires for you.


:argh: The realism is overwhelming!
Geeeeeeeeeeez, fannnnnntastic work!

-The ReBooted One


really realistic! if maxwell will render in the next releases it will be the no.1 for realistic renderings.


Very nice rendering, although it might be a bit too grainy. Funny that you used neat image to reduce noise that you created? =)



wow…very realistic… nice work. and some great touches with the flashlight.


Im surprised that they rendered withing 9 hours, thats very fast for being maxwell, (or any renderer for that matter ?) especially on that first pic with the glass “vase?” on the lower shelf, mustve used about 15 bounces or above to get that one to behave properly? good ligtning setup and props to you is the only answer i can find to that! :slight_smile:

great work, but if it was up to me one “flashlight” pic wouldve been enough dont care to much for them…


Only 3 stars for this? what kinda noobs are voting in here? 5 stars! this is just awesome


@magsnus: Most of the images reached a sampling level between 16 and 22 within the given timeframe.
@AI-X : I didn’t create any noise, it lies in the nature of maxwell that your render appears VERY grainy at first and becomes finer and finer the longer you let it render measured in sampling levels. neat image helps to reduce a littel of that reamining noise.


I am working on a project with maxwell too, and with a 2,2Ghz AMD Athlon the renders take forewer, I have to use 15 bounces too. How could you render this with 9 hours?
Maxwell can only be used for still images, animations are impossible, and it limits the artistic approach to CG, it still has only few shaders to choose from, no skin, SSS or configurable shaders. Not good for characters, but in my opinion it`s still a kickass renderer for still images and architecture architecture. PS. look at the glass table in the third image the refraction is wery high on my renders too.


@PMikk: Well, I am running Maxwell on a Dual Xeon 3.2 GHz machine with 2Gb of Ram which surely makes a difference in terms of render time. I agree that maxwells texturing/shading abilities are somewhat limiting but its still alpha and is already able to produce really outstanding stuff.


Super Work. Amazing.
Thanks For Sharing!


Damn, this maxwell renderer really is convincing me. If i didnt knew better i thought at least 4 of those images where actual photographs. Shit, this is fantastic.

Is this magic renderer availible for 3ds max 6? If so, where?