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Hiya, with the success of Westiemad’s mel video that he has made (see maya forums for info) i’ve been heavily lookin into making one for maxscript, before i look any further into doing this i wanted to see if anyone would actually like it?

so please use the Poll on this post to let me know and if reponse is good and if the college lets me install screen capture software then i shall work out a script and structure.

it’ll prob. start off with basics of maxscript, then move onto using it for object editing, maybe touch on using it for animation and then UI’s it’ll be broken up into 3 poss 4 videos.

thanks for the time and any comments welcome.

alt. i could consider doing 1 for max api and C++??

obviously i know there are maxscript tuts already, such as maxscript 101 but this will be entirely free.


Video now avail. see page 2 for download details!!


Definitely. There seem to be a lack of MAXScript tutorials (not putting down any existing ones). Go for it, I’m sure there will be a lot of people who would want this.:slight_smile:


thanks the positive reply. i shall give the poll another 24hrs to get a broader idea, then i’ll judge from there :slight_smile: thanks againd


There is not an option for MY Vote…I know some basics but need more and then also the hard stuff :slight_smile:



i think that making a maxscript video is an excellent and very generous idea from you. many users dont use max to its full potential because of a lack of knowledge of maxscript - sure you could learn it by reading the maxscript reference but it has all the appeal of reading a dictionary!!!

i think a video that quickly covers the basics and then moves quickly on would be best. looking forward to see this…



hi again, thanx for the kind words, i will def. go ahead with the video and will start as soon as i get college to allow me to install screen capture s/w. so hopefully within a week. I will prob. do it in 3 or 4 part and i think if demand is high enough i may well do a 30min vid on the API. but we shall see how it goes, i will update you on the exacts when i work it out tomorrow :slight_smile:

regards and many thanks


Dude, wait till you see the “dictionary” in max 7 :wink:


As a beginner in Maxscript, I need the basics, but I think I can get the basics from various sources. I’d rather see tutorials on the hard stuff, cause I think that will be more difficult to find. - Thanks!


Most users of max just need the basic to get started on making simple things easier for themselves. Myself I need the complex stuff. :slight_smile:


He, sounds promising. One request for dictionary layout for max7 (well probably too late I know) is to have very short snippets of code showing the examples. Not only medium to large examples. Just 1 or 2 lines for nearly every syntax definitions. Perhaps they can be hidden in the document too so the serious reader don’t have too see them?

Now I know how to read the syntax well in max, but in the beginning it was very hard just to figure out how to attach an object from the dictionary. Since I had problems with this I’m sure that many more do.

Also hmm perhaps some time comparisions with the speed would be very useful. How long does different kind of loops etc take, very good if you need to optimize your code. Also comparisons to the same things in c++ would be very handy so we know when we should export it to the sdk.

Just some random thoughts…


Sounds cool - I will say that there are a bunch of maxscript DVD’s already in production from most of the ‘big wigs’ in the max community. Plus of course John Wainrights Maxsript 101.
But of course more the merrier as there’s always room for additional material - especially scripting.

Max’s SDK is something hardly touched with the exception of maybe one or two books - though it’s something that leans towards really pushing scripts to a new level as everythings faster and much more stable so well that’d be a great addition to any DVD.



I’ve started video 1. it is just basics, it covers:

-The Script editor
-the baiscs of classes: contructors and properties
-custom functions
-program flow
-interacting with a scene using max script
also it will touch on if statements for statements etc.

second video will cover UI’s. to do this will create a script that uses a UI to create a custom object.

final video will cover making a render effect plugin script and will cover making it from start to finish

Thanks for all your feedback


thanks gavin,

looking forward to it.



Hi, just an update

the video is now finished, its a basic intro to maxscript, it covers where to find maxscript in the ui and the layout of it, a quick look at the listener and macro recorder then just goes thru a making a quick script that has a Dialog box with some user controls and is really just getting ready for the second script that will cover making a render effect.

The video is just being torn apart by some friends and just making sure that my english accent is gonna upset or confuse n e 1 :slight_smile:



Good Idea…:thumbsup: I know nothing about maxscript but i really want to learn.
somehow for me and many of my friends, video tutorials works faster then text…

wish to see it…



That video is freaking cool, looks like I’ll now have to pull out all the stops and make one better than you my friend :P, I’m still trying to force the basics on people before I confuse them, but your video is neat clean and well planned :). I’m sharing it on e-mule already (razorback 2)

I might need your help with some C++ stuff if u feel up to the challange.



Thanks dude, my help is always yours and thanks for the kind words on the video, if u drop me a mail with what you need and i shall do my best :slight_smile: thanx for sharing the video on Emule!!!

For all other users the video will be put somewhere tonight if anyone has a mirror i could stick the vid i would be real greatful its 80mb in size. if so please mail me on

I will get the video shared by as many sources for those that want it.

Thanks again


I can’t wait :slight_smile:


What about a torrent file?
Or if its a bit smaller you could try:


torrent is gonna be made tonight, the file is on emule now and i want to get it on a website too, thanks for the suggestion