MAXScript Tutorial_Make Batch Render Assistant


Hi, everybody, today I’ll brief you on how to make the Batch Render Assistant tool which I created to speed up your Batch Render workflow.[font=Arial]You can see the entire MAXScript and the tutorial word file on the attached file. So, let’s get started![/font]
[font=Arial][font=Tahoma]Demo on line: [color=#800080]


Function List
Step 1: Interface
…1. List View
…2. Position of the controls
…3. Try to close the dialog before opening it
Step 2: Setup List View
1. Collect data
2. How to use dotNet objects?
3. Set up the List View
Step 3: Setup Items of the Three DropDownLists
…1. Collect data
…2. Set up the items
Step 4: Open Batch Render Manager and Start Render
…1. Open Batch Render Manager
…2. Start Render
Step 5: Display Parameters of Selected Batch Render Views
…1. How to get the current selection?
…A good way to use dotNet!
…2. Display Parameters
Step 6: Manipulate Batch Render Views
…1. Add
…2. Duplicate
…3. Delete
Step 7: Change Parameters of Selected Batch Render Views
1. Rename
2. On or Off
3. Override
4. Frame
…5. Size
…6. Camera
…7. SceneState
…8. Render Preset
9. Output Path
Step 8: Load and Save Data
1. How to do this with MAXScript?
…2. Finished Scripts
(1)Functions for save and load
(2)Functions for setting controls enabled or not
(3)Setup the handler
Step 9: Create Batch Render Views from Data File
Step 10: Interface Fast Adjustments
1. Setup the size and position of the controls
2. Drag the dialog any place within the dialog area
3. Change columns’ width by dragging right mouse button
Step 11: Change Language
1. Arrays for storing different texts of different language
2. Handler for changing language


That’s my tutorial and hope it’s gonna help you!
Thanks for watching!
Good luck!:wavey:


Good job on putting that together.


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