MAXScript Script Controller Exception


When I open comet rigg I get this dialog(but I can not find errors in the rigg after that):

“MAXScript Script Controller Exception”
! – Runtime error: Illegal self - reference in controller script

and other dialog after that with button Evaluete and Close:

“Script Controller:”

dependsOn $‘char_handLCTRL’ $‘char_elbowLCTRL’;

– Wrap this in a cA.get to make sure we have CA’s now.

– Otherwise on a load or merge, 3dsMAX might try to execute

– this before the CA’s get loaded in! This way it waits until

– everything is fully loaded before -really- calculating.

myD = custAttributes.get $‘char_handLCTRL’.Attribute_Holder 1;

if (myD != undefined) then


– This script takes two helpers on the wrist to get a

– local hand “Y” vector, and then unrotates it

– by the rotation on the lower arm.

– This way the hand vector is now aligned to the

– coordinate space of the lower arm.

– At that point I can get what would be the rotation around

– the lowerArms X axis using the Y axis as reference

– (using Y means Y is still correct even if it rotates

– up/down on the Y axis causing the Z to move)

– Because we’ve rotated the hand’s world space rotation

– back by the lower arm readers rotation, this all

– works in the coordinates of the lower arm, thereby

– giving us proper values, even though the hand

– is not in the hierarchy.

– Using simple trig (SOH CAH TOA) we can get the angle

– of the twist.

coordsys world


-- Get rotation in world of lower arm

rotStart = $'char_lowArmReaderLINT'.rotation as eulerangles;

-- where is our wrist axis at?

posEnd = $'char_wristReaderLINT'.position;

-- Get our Y axis for the wrist in world

endY = $'char_wristReaderYLINT'.position - posEnd;

-- Normalize our wrist axis

endY = normalize endY;


– Everything is now normalized for the wrist, so

– all we have to do now is unrotate by the upperArm angles

– Make rotation matrices

rotMatX = rotateXmatrix rotStart.x;

rotMatY = rotateYmatrix rotStart.y;

rotMatZ = rotateZmatrix rotStart.z;

rotMat = rotMatX * rotMatY * rotMatZ;

– Now rotate our Y axis Vector by each x y z of the lowerArm we got

endY = endY * rotMat;

–format "–DEBUG: x=% y=% z=%
" endX endY endZ;

– Max atan always in degrees…yay

– X is axis down bone, Z is up, but will probably move a lot, so look at one back/sideways = Y

autoTwistX = 0.0;

– First make sure we don’t have a divide by 0 error…

if (endY.z != 0) then

autoTwistX = atan (endY.y / endY.z) +90;

– Then if we have crossed above the Y=0 line, we will have a 180 flip, so handle that…

if (endY.z > 0) then


autoTwistX -= 180;


autoTwistX = -1*autoTwistX; – Do this just so things rotate the right way

– Now add in any manual override the user did using the handCTRL attribute.

autoTwistX *= $‘char_handLCTRL’.Attribute_Holder.autoTwistPct / 100.0;

autoTwistX += $‘char_handLCTRL’.Attribute_Holder.extraTwist;




– End of autoTwist script


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