Maxscript: Scene Material/Map Floater


New update for ver 0.30.24 (attached-zip)

Main Features:

  • List and Filter Materials/Maps by class
  • Search for a Material/Map by name

Version Changes:

  • right click Rename Material/Map
  • right click Display Bitmap
  • materials for selection mode is now enabled

*screengrab showing material instances
*I’ve also changed the name from “Scene Material/Map Flaoter” to “Material/Map Floater” only.


  • On scenes using Particle Flow, you may need to run the Particle Flow cleanup utility first, this helps on reduced lag/crash with pflow nodes associatied with materials.
  • Show Objects can be slow on large scenes, because each material will read through its dependents on the scene in order to get a list of objects.

Future updates:

  • edit mode, select any number of items, and replace\instance those with the active material or map from the editor.
  • root materials only option
  • highlight active from material editor/selected object
  • display missing maps only
  • options to customize highlight colors

suggestions/crits/bug reports all welcome!

last posted version was 0.30.21


galagast - That is something was actually wishing I had a few days ago. Looks like a very handy script.


Hey Man thanks for the handy script, but its not right working i think.
when i start it, i get some errors…

the_pre = substring txt 1 (index-1)

the_post = substring txt (the_pre.count+ftxt.count+1) tcount

Then i cant refresh my scene with my new mats…


Hi, what version of max are you using? I created this on max6… I forgot to mention that I havent tested this on other versions yet.

For the mean time, I’ll try to check the code again, and see if any functions that im using was changed in later versions… The only bug that I’ve seen so far is when you double click the Scene Materials item at the top of the list. And I also forgot to remove the “Select” button temporarily as the function is still in the works…


Will try that one out, Im working with version 6, but not until next week.


ah okay galagast - i have tested it with Max 8, probably there lies the problem…


Thanks naik, I’ll try to get a demo of max 8 for one of our PCs to test the script.

I’ve also updated the script… infos on the first Post.

I would just like to know if there are others who are having problems running the script on max8…:sad:


sorry galagst for my late answer…

i would really love to see your script become more and more sophisticated…
Its very handy indeed…

Keep it up!


hey galagast,
seems to be a handy & long awaited script for mee too!

can you provide a direct link to the v0.30 of the script (or post as attachment) since scriptspot seems to host the 0.29 version still. i’ll try with max 7 then :wink:


sorry pokoy, I’ve requested scriptspot(Christopher Grant) to cancel the release of the script for now, because I’m rewriting most of the major functions that runs within the script… 0.30 won’t seem to be able to handle large scenes very well… and thus the reason for the rewrite… I think this script would be most used in large scenes where material handling could be quite complicated…
I’ll try my best to post an update by the end of the week…
(but I really can’t promise a release coz work is kinda holding me back, especially this week:sad:)

naik… no problem, no need to apologize :thumbsup:


good to know you work on a solid version :thumbsup:


I’ll try my best to post an update by the end of the week…

Damn, you are rockin man - we all appreciate it.
If you like, i can definately deliver you with some feedback / ideas
only if you are interested buddy…

Keep rocking Man :thumbsup:




thanks naik, any feedback/ideas would be great :thumbsup:

ok, I’ve managed to update it up a certain extent… Its on the first post again.
I guess its OK to post this current version for now, so that I would know if I missed something else before moving on.


it’s a great helper! thank you so far.
after testing it for a short time (not that heavy testing though) i have two requests :slight_smile:

• [font=Verdana]ability to view the bitmap directly out of the floater (maybe via rightclick > show bitmap)
[/font]• [font=Verdana]option of renaming the material/map (maybe also rightclick > rename)

i’m sure that having a context menu which opens on right click will improve the functionality. however, i’m not sure whether it’s easy (or possible at all) to implement with maxscript :D…

thanks again and stay on tuning it as i feel it could become a standard tool for the maxers.


many thanks pokoy, adding a right click menu is definitely doable. I’ll try to get back and work on it this weekend.
(my apologies for the late reply):slight_smile:


good to see you back & kicking!


[font=Arial]• ability to view the bitmap directly out of the floater (maybe via rightclick > show bitmap)
• [font=Verdana]option of renaming the material/map (maybe also rightclick > rename)[/font]

Thanks for the suggestions pokoy, I’ve added them now.:slight_smile:


wow, it came just in time for my icon designs… and thanks for considering the suggestions, of course :slight_smile:


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