[MaxScript] Pin CAT Hub bone


Hello, i would want to consult if anyone can think of a solution for achiving the proposed goal.

Goal: Toggle .PinBone property on recursive hub child.
Example: i have currently selected pelvis > shortcut key (execute script) > iterate thru pelvis child bones until finding Ribcage > toggle ribcage’s .PinBone cat property.

Something like:

objs = getCurrentSelection()

select $BunnyRibcage

macros.run "CAT" "catPinBone"
select objs

I’d propose :

actionMan.executeAction 0 “40194” – Selection: Select Child
if($.name.contains(“Ribcage”) || $.name.contains(“Head”)) break

then execute the rest (however i’m not sure how to do this in max script), altough would be best to use CAT interface [ help* autodesk* com/view/3DSMAX/2017/ENU/?guid=__files_GUID_E87AD4FE_C495_4EF1_ADEA_56C48A75F144_htm ] , which i couldn’t get to work.

Thanks in advance,