MaxScript: Object Slicer


Object Slicer 0.7 @

some features are:
[li]subfragmentation parameters[/li][list]
[li]this will slice the initially sliced objects[/li][li]i’ve only limited the slicing up to 3 subfragmentions[/li][/ul]
[li]an option to choose between slice mode or boolean mode[/li]
[li]slice mode: uses the slice modifier for slicing the object[/li][list]
[li]internally, the script applies slice & capholes modifier that has random rotations[/li][li]its much safer to use this method rather than the boolean one.[/li][/ul]
[li]boolean mode: as we all know, booleans in max can be very unstable… so use with caution.[/li]
[li]this basically creates a plane… applies a noise, shell and a subdivide modifier on top[/li][li]you can control the values of the shell “thickness”, plane “Segments”, “Subdivision” size, and noise “fractal” strength within the UI.[/li][li]thus the created plane is used to slice through the selected object.[/li][/ul]
[li]the Slice Rotation parameter lets you control the random rotation limit for the slice planes/plane objects. Right now, rotation is biased towards the object’s local z axis only.[/li][li]an option to randomize wire colors for each object after slicing[/li][li]a show progress button[/li]
[li]note that using the show progress button can sometimes hang the UI, it means the it wont be updating the progress bar since a lot of objects are being processed in the background. (i think) but slicing is still in motion.[/li][li]Ive including a listener output marking the current slice number, this one is always on.[/li][li]also note that at subfragment 0, using the progress bar wont show you any progress.[/li][/ul]
[li]an info text area to show the summary of slicing.[/li]
[li]includes the number of sliced objects[/li][li]time elapsed[/li][/ul]
[li]lastly, the fragments are automaticall selected after slicing[/li][/list](works on poly objects)


Looks like a handy script! Thanks.
Can you make a PowerBoolean variant too? AFAIK pB 3 has a lot of new scripting possibilities.


i would love to, if only i hav PB though :sad: … ive seen thier site and samples, looks really cool.
I got a bug

when you first run the script, it is internally set to boolean mode… you just need to click on the Slice radio button once in order to slice using “Slice Mode”… I’ll fix this later on… my apologies for the ones who downloaded this already.

and by the way, this doesnt really produce good results with long objects like cylinders etc… gonna be working for a better workaround soon…

[screenshot below]


You can try pB’s demo:
Hope it helps :wink:


Script Updated
[0.65 -> 0.70]

Version History:

2005-04-25 0.70
[li]- Solid/Shell options are now working[/li][li]- info: percentage of open objects. Look for 0% for best results.[/li][/ul]2005-04-23 0.69
[li]- Added Mass calculation for Reactor/simcloth3[/li][li]- Added Locked option (default), this will let you perform fragmentation to your content.[/li][li]- xform modifier not/applied during fragmentation[/li][/ul]2005-04-16 0.68
[li]- Fixed the code where subfragmenting is getting the [iter] instead is [subiter][/li][li]- Fixed the Boolean mode not slicing properly when placed outside of 0,0,0[/li][li]- Added a subrollout on the UI, this way, I could easily add in additional parameters in the future.[/li][li]- added capholes option for boolean mode[/li][li]- Added non-functional UI items also for boolean mode[/li][list]
[li]- power booleans[/li][li]- material id[/li][li]- solid/shell outputs[/li][/ul]
[li]- hide/unhide status info[/li][li]- randomize wire colors button[/li][li]- Rotation x,y,z[/li][li]- Lock & reset option[/li]
[li]- assign custom rotation controllers[/li][li]- Progress button icon[/li][/ul]
[/list]2005-04-15 0.67

[li]- Added a filter function for picking polygon objects.[/li][list]
[li]Now works on the japanses version of max.[/li][li]Thanks to Mr. Masayuki Sato for prompting me on this.[/li][/ul]
[li]- Detection for deleted picked polygon object.[/li][li]- Fixed the bug that defaults the Slicer to Boolean Mode when opened.[/li][li]- Fixed: Can’t see the version on the title bar.[/li][/list]

many thanks Pkonst! I’ll ne looking into it on the next update. :smiley:


hey i just d/loaded it, nice one!! its def gonna make my life a lot simpler the next time i have to fragment a model for a particle system!!

good work


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