Maxscript mobility


I’ve written a script which copies and pastes maxscript customization files (user and global options, abbreviations, This makes it easy to migrate from one max-version to another when scripting and to keep your scripting windows consistent across max-versions.

Give it a spin!

disclaimer: files are being copied and deleted and pasted. I can’t guarantee files won’t go missing. Make a backup!


probably i will move manually again (paranoia) but your solution is exactly right.


I understand Denis. If I didn’t write it myself, I might not be that eager to use it to overwrite my own settings too! I’ll think about something to make this script more useful for security-minded users.

In the meanwhile, you can also use the script just to collect your customization-files. You can skip overwriting your existing settings if you don’t want to.


Perhaps creating a backup of each file like “”?


it’s a great idea to add some level of trust.


I’ve attempted to add a level of trust. It’s now very visible which files are being copied where. You can browse or open the source files and the target files before copying anything. The script also makes a backup of any file which is to be overwritten.
It’s a lot of settings crammed into a small area, but I hope it’s clear what’s going on in the script.