[MaxScript] miauu's Script Pack


miauu’s Script Pack vol.1 version 3.8 is avaliable


  • Nested Isolation: When the isolated selection is saved with the scene
    and the NI is run it will load existing isolations and will show the
    active isolation level. Active isolation level will not be shwon when
    some of the objects from this level are hidden. For example - selSet_3
    is active, but objects from selSet_7 is hidden - active SelSet will not
    be shown.

Demonstration video:



Excellent! :beer:


miauu’s Script Pack vol.1 version 4.0 is avaliable.


  • Nested Isolation. Added LMB + Click to select all objects from the clicked isolation level.


miauu’s Script Pack vol.1 version 4.6 is available.


Nested Isolation Mode includes:

  • added “Original/Base” level which holds all visible objects before executing the script.
  • LMB+Ctrl the [Original] button to always show the selected objects in all Isolated levels.

Set Edge Length 2:

  • added Undo support when length of spline segments is set