Maxscript Editor MXS SciTe slow performance



After upgrading to Max 2020, I’ve noticed that the Maxscript Editor has become really slow to type inside. It seems to be script-dependent, but I’m not sure what’s causing it. I have a script that’s 200 lines long, and if I type something in it takes 1-2 seconds before what I type is actually entered into the editor! That laggy typing completely ruins the scripting experience, and I was wondering if anyone else experience this?



I have the same issue(occasionally) not only with Max2020. The only solution for me is to restart 3ds max.

When I use dotnet(base64 decode/encode) to store an image(icon for example) inside the script I have the same problem when I want to add a row(empty or not) just below the row where my encoded base64 string is located. But this is only for 5-10 rows below the row with the encoded base64 strings.


Did you try 3ds Max 2020.1-3 Updates?


I am currently running the 2020.3 update. None of the updates has made any difference.