MAXON's Logo


Did Maxon ever released it’s 3d logo as a c4d file ?
I think it did for the r8 but I haven’t seen the current one (does it have a name ?)
I’m trying to understand the way it was modeled.

I also wonder what it might be depicting or if it has a hidden message.


I take it you mean the Cinema 4D logo? If i remember correctly it was not designed as a 3D object but as a 2D vector graphic. At a later point some people turned it into 3D and some animations were done. I don’t think any 3D file was ever officialy released. There is no big hidden meaning, a certain likeness to the old stuff was wanted, not more. You can find a bit of information on this here


My avatar is a 3D version of the logo made several years ago :smiley:


I thought it was the original with a hue shift in photoshop …

My version is this : Screenshot_17

My approach was having a bool of a sphere and a torus.
How did you make it ?