Maxon Roxx!!!


I just wanted to announce this to all you crazy freaks here on this geeky board…Maxon gets it as a company and they have our hearts minds and disciplines at stake in their personal agenda to make the world of 3D a richer deeper meaning experience. I just want to thank all of the developers, beta testers and ears pressed to the window luminaries for giving us artists the right tools to do our jobs.

As a damn near former LightWave user, all I can say is that Cinema 4D has been a pleasure to learn and use…and has been used to do everything I have produced in the past six months.

And now…I cannot turn back.

Cheers to Maxon, and all you crazy wacky inspiring C4D artists out there.


I am so-o-o on the C4D bandwagon now! I gotz me N-Gons! :smiley: That was the only thing keeping me back. I’ve been waiting since the program was just called “Cinema3D” waaaay back when they were thinking about porting it to the BeOS! But I’m so entrenched in working with N-gons I just could not get used to the needed thought/workflow.

I guess I won’t be upgrading my XSI to version 4 after all…my money’s going to Maxon (and a new computer… :slight_smile: ).

Way to go Maxon! I’m in. :smiley:


YES! thats all I can say. Tried the demo, feels great. This will so much extremize my possiblities. Upgradecosts will be forgotten as soon as my first project in 9 will be delivered. I think the speedgain alone will make this upgrade-investment earn itself back in no time. So if you can afford it now, jump in!



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