Maxon + NFT


So, Maxon supports NFT now.
I didn’t react much when it went subscription, but this is quite bad. No respect.


D’you know ANY other software company who doesn’t?..
It’s digital art and a lot of stuff done with cg software so…
I don’t understand your words actually…
Or did they said something about it which makes you sad?


While i am not enthused about the huge energy costs of crypto everything, i see no harm in supporting the artists that use Cinema 4D for this.


What does exactly

Maxon supports NFT

mean ?

That Maxon funds companies that deal with any way with NFT ?
If it’s just words, doesn’t really matter.


I’m for anything that puts the artist at an advantage and gets the people that have more money then they know what to do with it, to put that money in the artist’s pocket.
On the other hand, I’m not happy with the blockchain energy consumption.
I came across an interesting article that begins to talk about these issues:


Wow, you people. It’s so cute when someone pretends to be naive.

What is that supposed to mean? I don’t know if other companies do the same or not and I don’t care. I care about Maxon. It’s like saying “Our country is destroying the planet: do you know other countries that don’t?” What logic is that??? And by the way, no, I haven’t heard of other companies that do the same may be because most of this crappy-art is done with C4D?
Artstation had to step back, the users made their voice heard. C4D community obviously doesn’t care because everyone likes the idea of doing money by selling crap. The least effort the most gain. The easy win.

Another brilliant logic: I don’t like harming the planet but I see no harm in supporting who does it. Are you guys for real???

Check Maxon Twitter and you’ll see how they proudly keep posting about cyrpto-crap people. If that isn’t supporting…

OK, so you all think this is fine and it’s all about Art. That’s the other thing that I find disgusting about this crypto-crap. I’m sorry to break it to you people: we’re designers, animators, not artists. If you don’t know the difference start studying.

I’ve never been aggressive on this forum, I always respect other’s people thinking. But this is truly off, on every, possible, level. I studied art all my life and seeing gross, disgusting stuff like the one from beeple-crap, and from all the other “I’m in so deep need of money” whining spoiled kids around passed as “art” it breaks my heart beyond imagination. Is despicable. Because someone can put a 3d pre-built rigged model, a skull, and some 3d flowers together and render them with some horrible colors it doesn’t mean that’s art. The easy answer for the lazy, cowards people is “this is my Art, who are you to criticize?”
No, sorry. That’s not art. It’s crap. If you don’t even understand the difference do your homework.

Here’s an article for you so people. Perhaps, this can help a bit:

One more thing: this whole NFT thing is a scam. It works if you have a lot of followers and some money to bet. For the rest, those designers who can’t afford to waste money and are falling for this trap willing to invest with the hope to get rich will just lose money. So, yes, thanks Maxon for praising this mafia system, and for what? only because it’s a free ad for you? As if those readers who learn about beeple-crap would give a damn about what software he used.

P.S. Just saw Chad Ashley is now a part of this. And guess what? They have to “sustain” the system with re-tweets and likes in order to get noticed (how sleazy)
This is what he now considers great lighting
I used to respect you, sir. Another lost soul.


It’s a bubble, that people may as well take advantage of before it bursts. (Not rich people like Grimes though)

Personally, I figured my art won’t stand a chance on there, it’s all twerking doge gifs and weird spinning boxes bringing in the big bucks. If you can get featured on one of the curated sites, that might help every day folks like you and I to sell our CG creations. But otherwise, you’re just throwing money at the wind right now.

I created my first rarible today, at a staggering cost of $180 to post a single animation.

It isn’t focused at all on what I do, because I think that’s a waste of my time. Instead it’s what I’m calling a ‘Charitable NFT’. 50% of royalties are donated to environmental causes. 50% because if I’m awarded royalties, it’s considered taxable income and donation can be written off at 50% max, (30% in some cases).

I figured I’d put up one asset in my shop; would try to get verified, and will see what happens I guess.
A $200 experiment in futility most likely, but oh well.


I am so pleased to read this. I’ve been watching the NFT nonsense for a while, it started out with artists basically getting tips for their work which I thought was cool. I then started to do more research which was backed up by an article by a young artist who opened the lid on the environmental damage which he showed that in 10 seconds 6 of his crypto artworks used more electricity than his whole studio did in 2 years.

In recent weeks I’ve had one of my portfolio pieces ‘minted’ by someone or whatever the phrase is so people are going round and effectively stealing art to place on these scam sites. I’ve taken down my portfolio and deleted my media of social media for the time being until this horrific environment damaging bubble bursts.

The fact that Maxon has got its nose in this particular trough doesn’t surprise me. I thought I couldn’t have a lower opinion of the company but yet again they’ve exceed those expectations. I’ve long since blocked Beeple and #everydays on social media, I got tired of seeing non-art fill up my feed. I understand there is real art in the process of producing work every single day but each individual image lacks anything approaching art. So too all of the imitators which maxon hope to shill a few more units of their dated software too. I block anyone hawking their shitty cryptoart as a matter of course now and will often give insta-reviews of their garbage directly to them.

I wouldn’t mind so much if there was real merit behind this and real art was being bought and sold in an ethical way. People have to understand that a lot of the money in the system is dirty money being washed, the bubble inflates, the dirty money is now washed and removed with enormous gains. For one winner like Beeple there’s going to be millions of losers in the coming months and the environmental disaster we’ll face if this continues is incalculable, people should really research how much energy is required to create and maintain the blockchain and ledgers. It’s frightening. Already cities in the developing world are having blackouts caused by mining, in the real world that’s hospitals going down and essential services not being delivered.

This blockchain nonsense is going to have a destructive path forward, to the environment and society. It is not empowering anything. My nephew has a load of bitcoins, he’s done fuck all since leaving university other than sit around smoking weed living off the bubble. He’s worth more than me and I’ve done 3/4 of a life working, he’s done nothing and has no intention of doing anything.

Don’t get me started on the likes of Ashley who I see made a lolipop model and is now talking it up like it’s a work by a grandmaster. You simply cannot make this crap up.

So thank you for calling this crap out.


100% agree. Nothing else to add.


Bubble or not it works.
Art or not it sells.

Some see profit from virtual galleries and the NFT is an appearing technology for them.

I believe that this thing is here to stay.

I also think it will evolve like this:

  • Most sites involved with it will close. (after long struggles and high competitive environment)
  • There will be about 6-7 sites worldwide.
  • Three of those will be continental (official international organizations) (Asia, Europe, America)
  • The rest will be Global - medium to low-tier - commercially easy to afford
  • Two will be from the private sector (like private auctions) that will host only from renowned artists
  • Two will be low-tier (cheap) (probably from Japan)

I don’t think NFT is viable as it is. Probably there’s going to be some physical difficult-to-copy representation of it in the future.

The best-case scenario for NFT haters would be the uncovering of some nefarious plot involving the upcoming surge of blockchain circulation. (maybe a move to extend the pool of limited amount cryptocurrencies making them more popular in an attempt to dominate other cryptocurrencies or even the regular ones)

If I understand well, the cases where blockchains consume most energy is when hardware is used to mine cryptocurrencies, not create the signatures NFT needs for the picture.


Speaking of mining, here’s nice read from the NY Times:
The photo attached to the article is kinda mind boggling to me.
Maybe that’s where my back ordered 3090 rtx is living right now. :slight_smile:


Yes, NFT is here to stay, which is sad news.

“Bubble or not… Art or not” are the other two very sad aspects of this whole crypto-crap thing. Yes, it’s a bubble, and no, it’s no art. Both have a huge impact on cultures.

Even the very principle of scarcity is pure nonsense from the art stand-point.

No need to look far in order to understand the scam nature of it.
Amy Castor already did some job for us. Then guess what? Metakovan revealed his true identity:

But the whole point here is that Maxon, by supporting these miserable beeple-folks are de facto supporting a curropted system, luring unaware designers and animators towards a scam system that will make them lose money.

This whole idea sickens me. I wish I could uninstall Cyrpto4D from my PC at once but the industry is slow and it will take time.

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Maxon would use C4D for mining… oops, I shouldn’t have said this out loud, they may put this into practice.

As for the rest of you, obviously, you too don’t care. What a pity: it’s true, people do feel religious about their software.


That Amy Castor piece makes perfect sense. I couldn’t quite understand the motives of the buyer but it should have been obvious to me. A ponzi scheme needs more dupes to keep the Bitcoin price rising.

It’s only a matter of time before there is a viable, free, alternative to Crypto4D for all your Mograph and design needs. Huge progress is being made on a daily basis with a certain Dutch based application to bring procedural animation capabilities to it. Keep an eye on its development.

When ‘Green’ becomes the next bandwagon corporations jump on to virtue signal their ecological and environmental credentials remember those companies which planted their flag in the CryptoArt bubble.

This is a very good article on NFTs which Ton Roosendahl retweeted.


OP: You support global warming every time you press the render button, its a bit much to complain about it when someone goes to sell their work.


Clueless false equivalence.


You are willingly ignoring (silence gives consent) the other issues I mentioned, environment is one of them. And to compare my renders to NFT is not even a thing.
Glad you’re confirming you’re OK with a company that supports illegal activities that affect the wallet and the life of many people.


Thanks for posting that article, I had lost track of it. Oh, and I didn’t know Ton retweeted it. Well, not a surprise: he stated money is not what inspires him to do his work. Good to see there’s still hope in this world.


If someone wants to fight against NFT, they will have to come up with a better technology to replace it.

Personally I’m happy to see digital artists having a more accessible place to sell their work than trying to get into a gallery which is nearly impossible for a digital artist.

I agree we’re in a bubble, but like the dot com bubble, there will be survivors. The internet didn’t disappear, neither will NFTs.


Baseless pointless reply?

If someone is so genuinely worried about the electrical use of NFTs that they will start a thread berating a company for promoting them as a way for their customers to make money, that person should perhaps sit back down and do a bit more maths to work out how their day to day job is an order of magnitude more damaging to the environment than piggybacking off some eth crypto mining which was going to happen regardless.

The crypto transaction cost of selling 1 work via NFT is roughly equivalent to me rendering something for 2 days. Around 40 KWh of electricity. The average CO2 emissions for that amount of electricity in the UK would be 12Kg.

If I were an art buyer, I might drive 30 miles down into London to an auction. A 60 mile trip in a 1.4l petrol car emits 13Kg of CO2, coincidentally about the same emitted for buying the virtual artwork.

But we haven’t actually addressed the CO2 cost of making that 3D bit of art yet. Purely in electrical terms, say its 2 weeks of work, maybe 3-4 of them spent rendering in total. You’re looking at about 50Kg of CO2 emitted in order to make that 3D artwork. And this is to ignore the cost of making the computer equipment, mining the lithium and silicon needed etc. Im not going to waste any time working these out but Im pretty sure a very safe low ball would be to double the electrical emissions as a starting point.

To throw some more numbers your way, the CO2 cost of selling an artwork via NFT is almost the exact same as the CO2 emissions of creating a quarter pounder with fries and a coke. This is going to assume you’re walking to maccy D’s or I’ll have to add the car to the mix too.

Ultimately, getting this wound up over NFTs when your literal profession is hundreds and thousands of times more damaging to the environment is just a smidge hypocritical. Switching to less intensive formats such as 2D would save thousands of Kg per 3D artist; this extra dimension we all spend our time working in is comparatively an environmental disaster,

Now. Here’s the irony. I don’t like crypto! I do think it is a waste of resources, time and electricity. Endlessly churning silicon away to calculate meaningless numbers to act as a currency which is predominantly used to funnel illicit funds from criminal to criminal. I do personally wish most countries would just outlaw it sooner rather than later.


So do you agree that Maxon should stop promoting people who make use of it???