MAXON Launches Official Corporate Blog



Christmas comes early this year. :applause:

Thank you Maxon, hopefully this helps to avoid another thermonuclear meltdown like we had earlier this year.


That’s a very positive move.


good move.


looking forward to it :slight_smile:


party hard! :bounce: :buttrock: :keenly:


Bravo! Well done Maxon. I hope the blog isn’t just lip service – “things we can see from our desks this week” – but proper information on C4D and Bodypaint’s development and future roadmap.

I see little point in secrecy these days when most of the DCC apps are all trying to do much the same thing. Of course, you’ll want to keep some specifics under wraps, but saying “we intend to implement feature x” – how will that impact on Autodesk or The Foundry? I’m sure their own roadmaps and technologies are pretty much set in stone.

After some slightly underwhelming releases, I am really looking forward to R18 and beyond…


Will be interesting to see what comes of this.


excellent Maxon and thank you for listening. now don’t let it languish


Wonderful news indeed!
Well done Maxon!


A roadmap or actual first post beyond “Hello World” would have been nice, but this is already a paradigm shift for Maxon, so baby steps I guess. So, good job.

What’s more interesting is the Jobs sections and the profiles they are looking for recently : GPU rendering specialist.

So, an upgraded viewport ? Hardware PBR renderer ? Sad thing, it’s probably too late for R18 by now (unless they just need help to finish things).

Wait and see what they say in the next blog post.


My thoughts exactly. Its been several months (?) since they announced that there would be a blog - which was the perfect opportunity to write out a meaty post with real content to start us out with a bang.

I’m really hoping that they start to talk a lot on here, but right now this just feels like the good ol’ “Hey everyone, I’m starting a blog!” that we see on social media.



They go to Germany and have a big meeting and announce breakthrough about more communication.

An upcoming blog is promised. Months pass.

They debut a blog with a ground-breaking post…to reiterate that there is blog…and that there will be posts.

Well…I’ll continue to hope for the best… :shrug:


Better late than never. In 2010 I was in Maxon meeting and there was some discussion about how to use social media for marketing. It was “new cool” back then. I think their priority is to develop good 3d-software rather than be cool in blogging world but hey it is a start.
Greetings to Harald :wavey:
If I would be their blogger I would have added some content but the first post is like hey we have a blog page for our company… :blush: Perhaps they should outsource their blogging? :shrug:

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You must understand, young Hobbit, it takes a long time to say anything in Old Entish. And they never say anything unless it is worth taking a long time to say.


Hahahahaha…superb Tolkein reference.

At least when the Ents got things rolling they were quite a force! Perhaps Maxon will become a leader in transparency!


A forum would be even better.


…And I think it deserves a link in the front page of Maxon’s site.
Or I’m missing something?


Two pieces of good news in one weekend. Excellent. Thank you MAXON for starting a real effort in this area (by real I mean plainly visible and focused in purpose). Look forward to checking the blog on a weekly basis.


agreed. It’s a lot of carrot dangling. They are not exactly showing their glowing ability to ride the cutting edge of user communication, yet.

its like some kind of Monty Python script. They are announcing their, plans to announce an announcement platform, built especially for announcing that they are going to announce things at some point, in the future. :slight_smile: