Maxon Aquires Redshift





I was not expecting this… I wonder what this means for their existing render engines?


Me neither… but as a Redshift user… awesome news !


As a non-Nvidia MacOS user, where the the hell does that leave me, I wonder…


That’s incredible! So many questions now…


Ive been on the fence for pulling the tiger on a Win/NVidia workstation for a while now. This seals the deal.


Here’s hoping Maxon’s commitment to supporting both Windows and OSX means they will either develop redshift for Metal 2 or (in my wildest dreams) they know something we don’t about Apple & nvidias relationship.

Most likely PC users will get Redshift and OSX users will get ProRender.

I am happy running Redshift on my Mac Pro with a 1080ti. Renewed my maintenance plan a few weeks ago.


“pulling the tiger” Ha! that’s a great unintentional image…


Finally Maxon is making decisions not based on “Apple doesn’t support it” excuses.
Prorender was a mistake, we need a cutting edge technology not the only one working on a mac.


HAHAH. oh how i love typos


i understand zero about the tech behind all of this - but would it be possible for Redshift (or Otoy or whoever) to choose to develop for Mac OS Metal? Thus breaking the nVidia stronghold? Or does it still depend on tech on the GPU?


Octane is already running on Metal to a degree. They have videos of it on iPhones and MacBooks. Fingers crossed it appears as a fully-fledged rendering solution at some point and/or Redshift also comes to Metal. I’m not switching to PC any time soon.


Thank you, Maxon! Just when I started to learn Redshift XD

I would love to see it integrated into R21 as a part of the MSA, and pls make use of the new node-materials!



To clarify:
Octane ≠ Redshift

Two different products. Two different companies.

Octane - Unbiased. Redshift - Biased. Both with distinct advantages. Both are GPU only.


And both limited to Nvidia GPUS… for the time being.


I missed the announcement… but As far as I understand it… it won’t be bundled with cinema 4d but remains a separate product.

Will still be available on other apps

Octane is being ported to platform independent to vulkan, metal, Amd iOS even as well as cuda. I wonder if redshift will? I do love redshift but love mac workflow more… just built a hackintosh around a 9900k / 1080ti just so I can stay on Mac c4d redshift


I do know they are diff companies, and different - but they are both GPU renderers that rely on having an nVidia GFX card

my question is that is it possible to break that dependence by developing for Mac OS Metal?


It’s not a matter of compatibility.
I’m not sure you guys noticed, but Nvidia released GPU’s with dedicated cores which are doing stuff you do everyday but few times faster ( in some cases). As I said before, RTX 2080ti is freaking fast, even in prorender and without RT cores.


Yeah, I think we’re all aware of how good Nvidia GPUs are. They run AMD’s ProRender faster than AMD’s cards! I’m going see how the new Mac Pro pans out, and then decide which way to go. Fortunately I don’t rely on this stuff for a living, so I can still render with CPU solutions (like Physical or Keyshot) and still get results.