MAXON Announces CINEMA 4D R15


This would likely not change.
As you would probably contact your local distributor and then have a link sent out or if a link was directly available you would still get your license via the local distributor.

Or maxon could go Adobe style and offer digitial download, kill the reseller business and still provide differences in price for different markets :smiley:


I acctually like boxes. as a old customer I have plenty of them. feels like owning something … not like adobe CC. but for a new customer that is in a hurry to get his first version of c4d, or a eagerly awaited update (from 10 to 14 or so) a download would be a nice freature

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Will there be a full feature list available showing what is included in each version prior to release like there is for R14 ?

It’s not clear to me which of the announced new features are included in which version - The new Typography/Kerning tools for example might only be in Studio/Broadcast for all I know.


just go to Maxons site go to the product page and its all there


I don’t think it is !!! Well just not as clearly as I was hoping for :slight_smile:

For example: On the product announcement page there is a link called "To view a list of the complete feature set in CINEMA 4D Release R15 and to see the software in action, visit here. "

But this isn’t a complete feature set at all - Just the new stuff - Plus it doesn’t mention any other changes that may be included beyond the big headline changes.

For R14 there is a comprehensive table at which is more what I was looking for.


I think that will be made available when R15 become the product to sale on there web site. At the moment it is still R14.


Maxon Media will very likely offer DVDs as long as they can, but then they are a different company than Maxon Computer and Maxon Computer is only one of many customers, not even the biggest. You overestimate the commercial connection between the companies by far. The main connection is a historical one, from the time when Maxon Computer was a distributor of shareware and publisher of Amiga and Atari Magazines, the time before there was a product called CINEMA 4D.
Don’t read to much in the similar names


wait, so doesn’t handle all the shipments?


We might have to ask them if we want to switch back to 5 1/4 FDs :wink:


Technically, I think that would be smaller than our current box. :smiley:

On a sidenote, I got the box for ableton live shipped to me for an extra $50…holy crap it is sexy packaging.

Perhaps the mothership should do the same, CDN links upon purchase for the base app and then a premium for discs and ALL the content browser stuff.

That way you don’t have to cover the download costs on 5+ GB of data.


Punch cards! Distribute like a boss!


I miss cassette tapes :-/ Patiently waiting as the reels rolled around, watching the funky colours on screens, some 4 track chip tunes as it loads…


no offence meant at all
as i said, i like DVDs :slight_smile:
I think it was a logical step to do the production in a somhow connected company.
and there is absolutely nothing to complain about offering DVDs.

anyway, choice is always good :slight_smile: (from a customer point of view)

best regards


How was it first distributed for Commodore 64? Floppy? Cassette?. Buddy of mine had a 64 back in the day but he was a programmer.

EDIT: I meant Amiga.


i believe amiga’s had the 400/800k 3.5 floppy

the 5.25 floppy was years earlier (as well as the 8" floppy but that was not used for personal computers that i know of)


Amiga had a 3.5" 880kb disc drive. I still remember CU Amiga magazine last issue - they had the latest (and final) Amiga version on the cover disk for free! That’s what got me into Cinema4d.

Here’s the link to that issue:


I’ve still got the mag and CD disc. Still got my 1200 but not sure if it still works. I’ve been meaning to get it out and have a look at C4D on the Amiga for a laugh. If I get time I might go get my 1200 tomorrow and check it out.

The Bill gates Mask is cool or uncool in a cool uncool kind of way. It’s a shame the Amiga went the way of the Dodo. It was set up to be a great computer but we are stuck with the crap PC and Macs now. How about that PC and Mac bashing at the same time. Could be a first :stuck_out_tongue:


I still have my (working) A1000, and a broken A1200. To relive the glory of Amiga I run Amiga Forever: a workbench at 2560x1440 with AmiKit is a sight to behold. You also get to enjoy the disk drive making that scratchy sound in the background. Very nostalgic.

And I agree with you that both Windows and Mac cannot compare at all. :stuck_out_tongue:


I had the CD version of the magazine and I remember that some of the necessary files for running the program were missing!!


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