Maxon & Adobe


Interesting times ahead :slight_smile:



I really hope this means that Adobe adopts a C4D style 3D navigation system inside AE. The current system is just archaic.


Wow, exciting indeed!





Well that was an interesting way to begin the day.
Steve Forde’s thoughts


so much to speculate with only a few little words of this pre-NAB announcement! It can only mean good things for all :beer:


AE’s 3D viewport is horrible, but I think it’s more to do with the file exchange (one click/synch composition, multilayered files, camera, lights, nulls, masks etc…) than the navigation or render engine.

It would be ace though to have a better 3D environment in AE and “Live” OpenGL dynamic link with C4D in a layer, with rendering features like atomkraft.

Interesting news…

Edit : Would this be a response to the Luxology/Foundry operation ? AE+C4D vs Nuke+Modo?


Does this mean a new version of Adobe Dimensions?


Awesome news! AE + C4d are a match made in heaven. AE compares to Shake/Nuke etc market as C4d compares to Maya/Max etc market. Perfect fit.

For all the things Adobe got wrong with 3d, at least they already have GPU rendering in PS/AE. And C4d could take a few cues from AE’s timeline/keyframe management.

Apart from the obvious roundtripping between apps, I can’t wait to see what else comes out of this integration. Exciting times indeed!


I’m thinking Mograph directly in AE. :). This is awesome. I really wish I was going to NAB this year now.


Part of me is happy to see closer ties, part of me thinks this will distract from more important updates we desperately need. I’ll lean towards optimism though and go with - whoop! :slight_smile:



Maybe, can member of Adobe Creative Cloud to install c4d in his/her environment via subscription? will C4d be to have new structure?


Wha…!? :stuck_out_tongue:
(epoxy gluing myself to thread)


I’m not sure what, but I sure am excited.


Please god no! I’d love to see a C4D time line in AE, and a proper 3D environment.
I imagine that we are more likely to see a tighter integration without them encroaching into each others territory.


The possibilities are endless, but of course depends on how far they’re willing to take the connection. I’d love to see a bridge that can handle rendering certain C4D elements directly in AE, so that multipass shots can be manipulated on the fly and modifications made to match compositional elements. It could be that 2.5D layers will become available in C4D, to better assist with camera projected shots. Anything that eases the burden of going back and forth all day with rendered elements, which would free the artist up to focus on more creative tasks.

If they’re communicating on this level, perhaps they should trade tools. Bodypaint is long overdue a healing tool, perhaps even a content aware fill, yes please.

Still, exciting news though.


Well its taken since the launch of the Creative Suite (10 years) to get a few of the apps to use anything like a similar interface - and virtually no common keystrokes - so no danger there.


If Adobe bring in Mograph into AE I will shit a brick, physically! (There is a render joke in there.)

But I’m all for optimizing/refining the workflow between C4D and AE, the good part is that Adobe gets a good stance in the composition market against Nuke.

A good idea would be to create a student/educational bundle with AE+C4D to early establish users from their education. Then again I hate Adobe products and can’t wait for a open source competitor to step the game up…


Really interesting! Can only mean good things, right? :beer:


Element 3D is a step in the right direction but it’s hampered by interface quirks that make it quite hard to use without jumping through hoops. Simple things like renaming layers so you know which item is where are just not possible. It is as I say a step in the right direction.

If there was a way for C4D to interface with AE in a similar way to leverage almost realtime rendering from the GPU then this would be fantastic and would open up very interesting avenues. The depth of field in Element is really great for instance and although I am using an ATI card I am sure with an Nvidia GPU and CUDA it would be even better.