Maxon acquires ZBrush!


Maxon needs to step up the tutorial game and start showing off. The quick tips from Jonas Pilz are nice, but we need more on scene nodes and all of the great features they don’t do a great job of hyping upon release.

I can’t turnaround without seeing a new 10 minute blender tutorial pop up where I can learn something cool.

The “ask the trainer” stuff is great, but 90 min presentations and discussions become a bit much to handle some days. Trim the fat, streamline it, get good microphones, and get a LOT more stuff out there.

Sorry, this is really off topic. Saw that zBrush free upgrades stopped. Expected. We’ll see how it goes in the next few months.


Reminds me also of writing code. Sometimes you write a whole function to do this special action, come back to the code later, having learned the language better now, and find that there is a single built-in method that will replace all 100+ lines of code. Both still get the job done, one is more elegant.

I myself never learned math beyond some basic algebra, and not much of that. Sure there are some things I could probably do much better and/or faster if I did, but I get by with what I know. To each his own.


Same here. Also, not all 3d jobs involve motion graphics, sims, or math. I do mostly look-dev frames, concept. Never needed one bit of math. The industry has enough options for different creative minds/applications.


Back when I had fewer grey hairs there was a vibrant C4D tutorial scene, notably with GSG, Simon from Man v Machine and Derya making regular useful production level tips n tricks. GSG seems to have dried up and the latter two are Houdini users but I haven’t seen their replacements come through. Chris from Rocket Lasso before his GSG days used to do more focussed tuts which were easier to consume than the sprawling Rocket Lasso podcasts.

Caveat, I don’t have access to cineversity so for all I know it could be littered with amazing content but from what I see on Vimeo and YT the C4D tutorial scene hasn’t moved on.

Noseman is Maxon’s greatest asset but his Scene Nodes tutorials were really rather boring and I don’t think they did a great job of exciting people to the prospect of using it. I have yet to see a Scene Nodes tutorial that makes me say, ‘fuck yeah that’s something I’ve got to learn.’ As Venkman notes users of Blender’s Geometry Nodes, which is far less complete than Scene Nodes, are spewing out amazing examples of procedural cities, road networks and complex motion graphics. Literally everything you’d expect the C4D community to be all over Scene Nodes with.

If Scene Nodes had been here 6 years ago I would still be a C4D user. I’d be pissed off about subs but Scene Nodes is what I craved for so long. I find astonishing that they aren’t a massive hit and YT is being littered with tutorials but it’s tumbleweeds instead.

I’m sure you’d agree that many of those cool examples require little building blocks of maths in their construction. Really good formats to copy are the Entagma guys Houdini/Blender tuts and Default Cube Blender Tuts. Easily consumed 10-20 mins of working through a problem. Both of these channels have a knack for explaining things really clearly and provide building blocks of knowledge for you to add onto. None of it is rocket science just really useful tips that you can bring into C4D Scene Nodes. There are plenty of similarities of workflow between node systems that the knowledge is transferrable.

Scene Nodes looks extremely powerful to me and a huge resource that is yet to find its audience but I’m at a loss to explain why? Maybe someone who hasn’t used Scene Nodes could comment why they haven’t been interested so far?


I haven’t needed to understand math concepts for the blender tuts I’ve been watching. Then again, I’m a VERY beginner Blender user so perhaps they just sailed right over my head. :man_shrugging:


Maybe we have completely different ideas about what is ‘cool’?

I can see no one is interested in exploring the topic of Scene Nodes. I guess it’s indicative of the changing make up of the C4D community and those of us who would’ve been all over Scene Nodes have picked up other software. This is no criticism and as @cookepuss said, ‘Your way works for you.’