Maxon, a little better GUIDE-ANCE please


Guides in c4d completely fail, IMO.

OK…a little rant time.

Guides can be so important but they are an afterthought. And buggy too. I can understand why nobody ever talks about them or seems to use them.

Here’s a few things that drive me nuts:

-You would think when creating a new guide that the shift key modifier would constrain their direction–to 45 degree increments…you know like all software on the planet. Instead you have to enable quantizing.

-Configuring them is a pain. They often don’t observe the user configured quantizing when moving them. It’s as if the tool talks back to me…saying “I’ll quantize at 10 cm no matter what you set, so fu”

-If in perspective view guides will cause line-of-sight (camera based) snapping. Things can snap wildly out of position…or give you a false sense of success. (OK…maybe this is just how it has to be, I’ll think on it)

-I know this is asking a lot but it sure would be nice if at least some of Maxon tool’s gave you measurement values as you used the tool. Tooltip overlays with values…

-Finally even when you work through all this…half the time “Guide Snap” doesn’t even work!

It’s hard for me to believe that a product coming from Germany–that is in so many ways elegant and pain-free, logical and precise…would let something like a precision tool (Guides!) slide off the road.


end rant


A bit more on the topic…

I do like the ‘Spatial Mode’ option in the Guide Object. Never noticed it before. Cool stuff.

Here are things I’ll be forwarding (along with my rant) as feature requests to Maxon…

Requested New options:
-Create Guide From Spline
-Create Guide from Edge

Adobe has similar and it’s very useful.

You can then take that as a starting point for your guide…and extend it or offset it.