MaxLiquid cloud tank effect


Hi, i thought it would be fun to see if it would be possible to create a cloud tank in MaxLiquid. Here’s the article that aprked my interest:

So I’ve setup the 2 emitters used for the water in the tank, bottom = salt water top = normal water, with different densities. Next created a small spere emitter in the middle,added some small velocity to simulate the injection of paint and …bingo it sims!

Except not really.

The sim looks ok, as the 2 water emitters remain top/bottom but the paint just wasn’t what i was expecting:

It just creates a blob as it expands. My theory is that it will not work because i can’t have different behaving fluids in 1 sim. Every emitter has to share the water preset rather than the paint/ink you would want to use for a cloud tank.

Has anyone had a go at creating this yet? Any ideas what i could try next?



so what is density of your paint ? Say water = 1000, saltwater = 2000…so did you try paint = dunno 1500 ? this is so it stays in between the 2 layers.

Still, how would you mesh just the paint ? Aren’t all particles meshed together ? (haven’t tried it myself tho)


water = 1000
paint = 1050
salt water = 1100

It does seem to stay within the 2 waters.

I’ve isolated the paint fluid in the viewport by using expansion rate as the display type (see screen grab), but f**k knows how to isolate it for rendering!

My main issue is that without the ability to give the fluid the properties of paint this may be impossible. That could be why im only getting a blob instead of a cloud.