Max9 mental ray shader thread?


… good news :thumbsup:


The link is dead…


Finally getting a hang of MR.

It’s the first time I’m able to render a fairly realistic glass with liquid.

A & D Material lit with a skylight and a hdri.


Hmm what did you use for your liquid?



I used the A & D material for the liquid also.

I pretty much followed the technique described in the help file on the A & D material.


Sounds like a great idea ! Hopefully max 6-8 users will also be able to use the site. I’m on Viz (2007) which doesn’t upgrade for about 6 months after the max new version upgrades :’-(
I can’t wait to try out the new mental ray !


Tis’ still moving waay too slowly for my taste…but I’m keeping hope that progress will happen soon.


If you hadn’t check yet, might end up being the best place for the material library


Jeff, what your settings for the 100% white material?


It was using some jpg’s that I made in Photoshop for the diffuse color, reflectivity mask, and bump (text area).

But if you wanted to just use a color, I’d probably start with the default settings on the A&D material. Change the diffuse color to white (or almost pure white). Set the reflectivity to 0.3 and the 0 deg. refl. amount to 0.1…and that should be close.


Any news of this topic?


'fraid not! I’m still waiting on the host to find time to work with me on the project…I’ll fire off an email to my primary contact. If I don’t see some signs of life by the end of next week then I think it’ll be time to search for another host.


Well progress on the website was made (yaaay!), so it shouldn’t be too much longer before it’s ready to go. :thumbsup:


Sounds like good things are happening!
Jeff how are you figuring this site will position itself
with the ‘mymentalray’ one getting up and running?
Just as a materials only repository/sharing resource or
more general MR as that site is?



Hey Brian,

The folks I’m working with are mainly creating a material repository, however there is a decent sized forum there already. I don’t think this repository will affect the mymentalray site. It’ll just be another option for people to browse…and I honestly figure the mymentalray site will really start to blossom once they get their material section up and running! They have such a great looking site, you just know the material section is going to be amazing too. :buttrock:


Sounds very cool. You can never have too many choices. :applause:



Anything new in the horizon or a permanent link this glory ? :smiley:


Anybody have any thoughts on how to make a terry cloth shader ?



Any updates? Really looking forward to this…


These A&D settings may get you close:
Roughness = 0.65
Reflectivity = 0.5
Glossiness = 0.125
(Highlights & FG only mode enabled)
then add a fairly rough bump or displacement map.

No news for me to post…other than it’s still in the works from what I hear.