Max6/Brazil: problem with glass material.


first, I am all brand new at this forum, so bare with me if I make some firsttime mistakes, such as not following the right etiquette or similar. Just flame me or whatever :thumbsup:

take a look at this wip:

The problem is the bottle. The lines showing in the material. Now I know what they are, atleast in some vague way. But why are they showing in the glass? And the wierd thing, from my point of view, is that the material is the exact same as used on the syringe, where the lines does not show?

I can’t figure this out.

I have tried searching, but since I don’t know exactly what this is called, I am not getting anything useful.

I have tried posting on another forum, but all I got was “Its a material problem” - and that is not helping all that much

*edit: The images used in this thread has been removed from the server unintentionally

/Claus Nielsen


Hi, firstly… let me say welcome to the forum. I really like your image, looks simple yet very interesting. I like the lighting and materials, especially the contrast of shiny stainless steel against the glossy reflections of the tray / desk.

The problem does not appear to be a material one as you said, instead its the geometry. What you are seeing here is ‘faceting’ where the lighting / rendering across the round surface is not being smoothed and is shown more simply as planar polygons. Depending on the way your model is set up you just need to apply ‘smoothing’ to the faces. You can apply a smooth modifier and this will fix it. Just to clarify, I don’t mean ‘meshsmooth’… I mean ‘smooth’ which tells the renderer to smooth the transition between polygon edges and across multiple surfaces to give the appearance of a smooth surface. Tick ‘autosmooth’ the if you like collapse the stack and the effect will remain. Hopefully it is as simple as that. Good luck.


first , this really a cool pic.
how did you model your bottle ? did you use lathe ?
if so just increase the segment , otherwise use what ian said.


In addition to the previous two replies, if you did create the bottle with a Lathe, perhaps you could try “Weld Core” and “Invert Normals”, or is it “Flip Normals”?

The bottom of the bottle, on the inside looks strange, and similar to Lathes that I have made, that for some reason needed me to check one or both of the above mentioned boxes.

Not far to go until you have a good refined image there.



thanks for the replies. I used a tube and just boxmodeled from there. I could have used Lathe, but as my first (almost) image I decided to stick with something I knew I could do.

Smooth did the trick with the “faceting”, so happy happy there.

Since it has turned out to be a kind of WIP thread too, I might as well continue:

did a render where I tried to put some liguid is the bottles… but I don’t know.
It feels like something is off, but I can’t put my finger on it.

Any ideas/suggestions/comments are very very welcome

And at last thank you for the kind words. Really mean something, for a newbie.

Claus Nielsen


And it might take some time before my answer is posted. first 5 post has to be moderator checked :thumbsup:


Just wanted to drop a quick note, welcome to the forum. You read the rules, you posted a clear question, and you didn’t ask something stupid that you should have just looked up yourself. We need more of “your type” around here. :slight_smile:

Lol, anyways, your pic looks great. I would just suggest making the bottles more full or perhaps a little hole in the top to show they have been used? Forgive me if that is the correct way to display them. Seem a little empty for sealed merchandise. The only other thing that looks a little strange is the hole in the middle of your liquid. Perhaps it’s the bottom of the bottle reflecting up, but it stikes me as odd.

looking good!



you might also want to increase the samples on your glossy chrome material, as it will help get rid of the graininess of the metal. Also, you could increase the number of ray refractions in the ray server to try to get rid of the black lines around the top edges of the bottles glass.

looks good :slight_smile:


thank you for the kind words.

Well I would quess that if the seal is not broken, they should be full :slight_smile: *fixed that
The “hole” in the liguid is me trying to make that little thingy that is at the bottom of bottle. But after some “research” (opened the fridge and took out a glassjar) it seems that only plastic has that thing, something about the manufacturing way.

And the glossy samples, well I kind of like the grainy look, but, a friend of mine mentioned the exact same thing (and he has a habit of disturbing my mind), so I’ll boost the samples and make a render of it.

I was wondering about those black lines. tried to alter the mesh, but that didn’t work. So if this does, I am a happy man…

*edit: The increase in refraction rays didn’t seem to work, it made the black lines more visible and the rendering took a very long time. The entire movie Black Hawk Down for a single bucket situated above one of the bottles.

Finally I’ll continue this in the WIP section, as soon as I get past the moderator approval thing and my render is finished.

edit: continued in this thread .
Claus Nielsen


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