max with Z brush????


Hello !!!
does anyone know some good site where I can find tutorial to combine max and Z brush…I think that is posible but don’t know how!!!


You’re going to need the obj2max plugin for max6 from here to import a zbrush model you create into max.

A basic tutorial on importing zbrush models into max can be found here.

If you need any other max versions of that plugin you can find them at the site for the tutorial.


I need to import from max to Z brush…i modeled some orc in max and now I want too add some detail and export that like displace maps or something in max to have more realistic model…is something like that possible??? i saw that is possible to export to *.obj than to *.3ds but than mesh smooth do not work good…I dont know why but it does…because of that i want to export from Z like map…I dont know did U understand me but…???:))
thanks anyway!!!:slight_smile:


[color=white]There is a guide ‘practical guide’ which explains the process of exporting from max to zbrush and back again also, it can be from at the zbrush home page. There are many threads in the zbrush forums that explain the process also. Yes it is possible to add lots of detail in zbrush and export that data back into max to render using normal and displacement maps. Look at the results other people have done to see to results in the xbrush forums.

From what i understand in your last post zbrush will not import 3ds files that why you have to convert it to obj. When you export from zbrush back to max the geometry may sometimes breakup a little, you see this when you apply a mesh smooth. you need to auto weld the points together with a low threshold to solve this problem. Try with simple objects to experiment.



//Re-Read your post … yeah go to and you’ll find tons of help on the subject.


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