Max keeps crashing


Create a brand new biped, give it 5 fingers with 3 sections, then key some rotational movement on the fingers. ok great, no problem, now open up the curve editor and select the two attributes you just keyed. Now attempt to change the interpolation to linear or bezier, or anything.
Max crashes. I’ve racked my brain trying to figure this out, and before I attempt to spend $$ on the phone with discreet was hoping someone could try this. I’ve attached a short tutorial so hopefully you guys can try this and give me some feedback.

here’s the link:



can someone please try this for me? it takes like not even 5 min…


*bump again-

Please can someone try this


I’m going to try it this weekend. I’m away from my home city during the week these days and, sadly, I’m away from my max :sad:

I’ll get back to you with my results.


yep, it crashed me, I made 5 rotation keys on a finger, selcted 2 and went to change and it crashed


thanks guys i just wanted more people to try it to make sure i wasn’t going crazy, i’ll contact discreet and confirm that it is a problem and make sure they are aware about it.



as far as I know

I think you need to use the workbench to work with character studio keys as a sort of specialized trackview for CS 4,

and I think the Track View is not fully supported in CS 4 and not surprisingly will cause crashes when you try to do funky things in there like change interpolation (things meant to be done in the workbench)

hope this helps


with all the huge resources of autodesk it amazes me they can not seriously integrate CS

it still feel’s like a plugin and that is a bummer

Character Animation is tough enough as it is


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