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Poly-Modeling with 3ds Max: Thinking Outside of the Box (Focal Press)

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This book is a collection of tips, tricks and techniques on how to create professional models for advertising on T.V and the web. The author has tons of industry experience using Max toward this end, and he shares the secrets of his trade. As Production Modeler for some of today’s hottest studios (including GuerillaFx, Coke Zero, MTV, Old Navy, Nike, Target, HP) Todd Daniele brings real-world experience to the book. Daniele teaches the technical aspects of polymodeling, while showing how to ultimately create content in a dynamic, efficient manner.


Hi everybody, I´m looking for character Studio-specific resources (I´m using Max 2008/2009), be they DVD´s or books. Up until now I´ve been using Paul Maestris range of very good character animation books as well as the usual Animators Survival Kit by Richard Williams. However I´d like to expand my knowledge of CS´s range of possibilities for rigging and animating.

Any suggestions are much appreciated.




There is a huge list of books in the top of the topic, anyone can find all he need


I’m looking at improving my lighting & materials skills, as they are pretty basic. Is the list of books still valid for working with Max 2011 or are there any newer books that I should be looking out for?


Digital Lighting Rendering by Jeremy-Birn is still a good foundation in how to treat light,

Rendering with Mental Ray in 3dsMax by Steen and Boardman . Is very good at leading you through the technical processes.


So many great links in here, thanks everyone!


Thank you Kenzor so useful…