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I got the 3ds max 7 Bible. I’m a pretty green beginner, but I found it mostly useless. There wasn’t anything in this book that wasn’t covered in the tutorials that ship with Max. Maybe it’s useful as a paper-based reference, I guess.

I’m looking for something on character modeling that isn’t too advanced. Can anybody reccomend anything?


Thanks Signal to Noise for the nice resources


are there any books out there who focuses on the modeling and animation of high detail human characters in max 7? The books i found on the subject was all low poly:/
And is there a book that takes a more deeper look into clothFX and hair for max 7,5?
The tutorials that came with the upgrade were both good and informative but i think im looking for some more complex tutorials:)


Well, if it’s the one I quoted in my review that I just put up, I agree.

The dude’s complaint was “What’s the point of doing a fake GI rig with standard lights? The bestest Max users in the multiverse use radiosity and skylight. And I am one of the bestest.”

Methinks someone just found the “make pretty” button. Excuse me while I wait 4 bazillion years for my animation to render using radiosity. Oh, it’s all jumpy and inconsistent.


I did a search on this thread and couldn’t find it, so I hope no-one has posted this already…
Deconstructing the Elements with 3ds Max 6 by Pete Draper, is a fantastic book on some of the more high end features of Max. It looks at all the elements, fire, earth, air, and water, and goes through methods of creating different effects with each one. For example, the fire section looks at all different types of fire, from how to create a candle flame, to a gas hob, to a flamethrower, even stuff like fireworks and hot coals. It’s pretty similar in each section, going through the different aspects of that element.

What’s nice about the book is that one, the results always look great, but they only use the features within the default Max package (no plugins), and two, every step in each tutorial, is split into what you need to do, and also why you’re doing it. That last point is something that alot of tutorial books tend to miss out, that they don’t explain why you’re doing things, so it’s nice to have everything spelled out so well here.

Anyway, i’ll stop ranting. It’s a good book, so I thought I should add it to the list.


If you are thinking of buying the Max Bible, you might as well take a look at the Learning Max in 21 Days book, which is essentially the same info in much shorter form.

The one thing I don’t like about the Bible is that it’s written for a mixed audience, with far too much novice info for experienced users and vice versa - When I first bought that book (Bible 3.0) I found it very difficult to actually understand half of the info I was reading, because the book wants you to learn everything about one subject in one go, instead of working more on a project basis.
As a refference guide I found it to be virtually useless and clumsy to use often and quickly.
Was able to find as much with that 21 Days book, which easily fits into my pocket :wink:


have you guys/girls got any recommendations on visual effects books for max ( 7,8 ) ???
phocusing on advanced to professional??


Deconstructing the elements by Pete Draper is great, as is his website:


Great idea for a thread!

This is going to save me loads of hassle :slight_smile:


Yes, im hoping to purchase an (autodesk) 3ds max 8 book, highlighting the new features, but also importantly with a bunch of tutorials from beginning to advanced levels.

Even though i have been involved with 3d a lot in my life, i took it as a hobby and haven’t seriously thought about it as a career, but now ( im 18, gettin’ old ) I want a book to sit down with, because i dislike reading text on the monitor, plus its not very comfy, you get the drift!



Hello, im new around here and I was wondering if anyone could make any recommendations on books for max 8. I learning it in concert with another program (sketchup) mainly for architectural modeling and there are some concepts I need some help on. Any help is appreciated.


re: max 8 architectural books

I just purchased this as an e-book from these folks haven’t really had the time to get beyond simply perusing through it but I’ve read good reviews…
also 3dquakers has some fair architectural base tutorials as does evermotion




I have purchased the 3dsmax7 bible book, but, it haven’t the CD include, so , anyone have the CD could share it? Or anybody want to barter usedbook with the DVD trainning or software, let me know or pm me.


really helpful thread an nice idea

some more spaced between the lines would be very helpful
it’s very crowded and the list looks unorganized

thanks anyway


i have this book too, its a good book with an overview of every aspect, but if you have a good basics of 3dstudio, you won’t be learning something new. (maybe thats why it is called ‘foundation’ :))


Anybody got these (my wishlist)

1) 3ds Max 9 Essentials: Autodesk Media and Entertainment Courseware

2) Realistic Architectural Visualization with 3ds Max and Mental Ray

3) Rendering with Mental Ray and 3ds Max (Paperback) please?



1. 3ds Max Lighting (WordwareGGL) - Nicholas Boughen ISBN 1-55622-401-X
[font=Verdana]Is a very good book about all kinds of max lights and shadows and also includes an introductory section on real world and CG lighting.Good for both beginners and experienced ppl.

  1. [/font]Digital Lighting & Rendering, Second Edition (New Riders) - [Jeremy Birn

[/b]Another nice title must read for those who have completed the basics…IMO.

on a side note, do u recommend any good book about Texturing and Materials, I m mainly looking somthing which deals with conjugation of Max and photoshop.](


“Game Character Modelling and Animation with 3ds Max” - Focal Press

3d World reviewed this a while ago and they were not very impressed. Largely, I’d agree - the book is disappointing in my opinion, for several reasons. It revolves around the completion of one tutorial, which goes through the process of creating a character, texturing it, rigging it and then importing it into the game Unreal Tournament 2004. Why he went down a game specific route, I’m not sure of, but I guess it is to demonstrate the kind of process required. The author suggests it will take some time but the content is actually not that tome consuming, unless you are a total beginner. Thankfully, I’m not too far beyond that stage, so it does have some benefits - the spline modelling section and UV unwrap tutorials are actually quite good for people who still struggle with understanding some of these methods. Still, even I can tell that the final model is lacking, partially because it doesn’t match up to the supposed aims of the concept sketch - also because it is maybe too low poly, given that the games engines of today - and indeed of 2004 - are able to handle much more. Even for UT2004, given what I can tell, it looks like a pretty amateurish first attempt. The final model, even with its low poly count and so on, has a stupid square head for no apparent reason and fairly poor texturing. A shame.

Plus points - Good for novices. Decent introduction to some concepts. Decent introduction to spline modelling etc

Negative points - Poor choice of tutorial subject. Limited scope. Very game specific. Pitched too low - given the techniques demonstrated the aspirations could have been far higher

In conclusion, it’s a worthy buy for someone who is very new and / or definately wants to get into game character modelling NOW, but to be honest I can’t see it has much appeal beyond that.


Very good book!There are many tips and techniques.In my opinion its 5 star book!



Very good book!There are many tips and techniques.In my opinion its 5 star book!